Thursday, January 6, 2011

. thankee .

hullo, guys! how are you? ha! i am in a so very happy mood. i've been shop shop shop till drop drop drop. thanks to mom, dad and my salary! lols! i posted on my blog before, that i am so in love with the elbow patches sweater, jacket, shirt, yeah anything with patch on the elbow! thanks to my dad! he bought me a nice elbow patches jacket and elbow patches white shirt! both from massimo dutti. i am uh so loving them. now, i fall for massimo dutti already. i also found a nice wallet for my sister's bday from there and i bought my brown leather bag from there as well! thanks, massimo!

this month, i almost completed my wishlist! i got my fifi lapin book! thanks to borders, i love you! yeah, i went to kino last tue, coz i found frankie magazine is out! i went there, so excited to buy frankie plus fifi lapin book. i went there right after work and my happy burger dinner with button at cineleisure. but sadly, both of them were sold out! SOLD OUT!!! my heart was broken. really! i am so sad and don't know where to get them button called borders but they didn't ans. he suggest that we should check it there. they might have. but honestly i doubt it. but no harm trying. so we went there. but i wasn't so excited about it anymore. and!!!! i found them there!!! =D am so happy! huahahahah i just need to buy the art of tangled next month =p

enough for shopping... =p well, never enough for shopping! but i got no choice! i need to save now o.O lols! so, i got my brown leather bag and vintage leather heels from j shoes and i got dresses, pants, shirts, my new ray ban spec! really!!! i need to stop =p. but.... toms shoes! i need you, i want you! and i saw a cute agnes b watch! gosh! i really love it -.-"

but i like it all white!!!

love, happisis muah!


Cindy Tantarica said...

agnes b!!! it's cutee!~

.happisis. said...

oh, cin! you should see the white one <3

Cindy Tantarica said...

hahahahaha. i bet it is uixxexpensive T__T

.happisis. said...

yeah T_T 200 plus plus plus and i am b-r-o-k-e.

Cindy Tantarica said...

expensive T___T haha. start saving ci! :b