Friday, December 10, 2010

.wish list.

.fifi lapin book.
.the art of tangled book.

. i need jumpsuit, pin strips shirt / one piece, shorts, t-shirt, one piece, flats, cardigan, pants... well, i also want a vintage one piece dress.
.wm.j.mills&co. canvas tote bag.
. or long champ medium size bag.
. can i dream about brown mulberry alexa or balenciaga?.

.new spec for me, agnes b eyeware?.

.marc by marc jacobs cute umbrella.

.hanger from muji.

.toms toms.

.running attire and prepare for marathon.

.my own custom made rubber stamp.
.copic marker.
.i want to learn how to use them as well.

. new camera.

.black wallet to replace my old ck i haven't found which one that i love, well found it but couldn't afford it ;p.

*i just got my chanel particuliere nail polish and i'm lovin' it.

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