Sunday, December 30, 2012

. no deadline .

oh yeah! 

. new 2013 .

yay! 2013 is coming soon :D *excited! new adventure begins soon! >.< please be good and challenging 2013!

here a little card for you and you and yes you there!

have a happi new 2013 :)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

. as wise as .

christmas is still around the corner :D well, christmas is everyday when we feel joy and warm with love ones. lots of unwrapping present to do. i got quite few christmas gift! the great one, the loveliest one and the happiest one! :) now here is the loveliest one from owl its an owl pin. it was broken when i first unwrapped it but it fixed! :) me happi and finally i can wear it :D

. tired .

sigh i do wish i have long holiday without any events to attend

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

. sun set sun rise .

H.C. Westermann, Sun Coming Up Over New York, 1961

sometimes we forget there is someone right beside us looking after us :) 

. argh .

christmas.... but i hate people!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

. happi christmas .

just a simple card to wish everyone happi christmas :) 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

. joy in the family .

what can you ask for more when you see ones you love are laughing and smiling happily. when you can feel the warmth in their eyes. i ask for no more. that's what i wish for christmas. early birthday-christmas gift and celebration from us to our little small princess. my sister novia. which very lucky to be born in the christmas eve :)

okay, i lied there is this certain something the mysterious lovely blue box that wrapped in the red or white ribbon that makes everything seems perfect :) 

Monday, December 17, 2012

. bits and pieces .

this year has been a rather productive year oh well... half of this year i couldn't remember since when.. :) shouldn't stop to keep trying and exploring yes? i do hope once my baby delivered here! i am be able to start my new adventure. can't wait! please be here before christmas! bu then again, even it is here around that time. i doubt i will have time to get a full try. christmas dinners. catching up movies on rows. i don't know when can i get a fully rest. haha!

so here are what i've been doing only bits of it. i do hope i can achieve more next year. i am kinda proud of myself :)

here are some pics that i steal from oic facebook page ;p

little cute boy touching the drawing that i drew! teheheh it is not sold but still i am happy :) 

see the yellow background drawing? tha's mine and the one below with blue patches :)

this one was my favorite of the day and it sold to the fabian's family ;) happi!

something different but i like this one too :)


Friday, December 14, 2012

. i am wishing .

here tiny drawings for this christmas by me :)

listening to yesterday by perry commo. how i miss my dad and mom. we used to be in a car listening to this song and dad will sang along. geez, i miss those time... i miss them most of all.

hmmmm days til christmas :) i have already know what i wish for. i hope santa still brings me happiness this year til forever. dad and mom have been so tired with all the stuffs. i just hope they enjoy the holiday. i feel angry and pissed with people who are evil enough to create problems and troubles. but this is not a season to be one. i just hope Daddy J protect my family, give health and joy to our family. it will be over soon! :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

. scrap it out .

me happi smile :)

yay! hit purchased on one of my major wishlist! and waiting for it to be delivered. my baby gonna have new home soon :D. *excited!!! full of inspiration!

Monday, December 3, 2012

. mt everyday .

i added 3 more mt to my mt collection :)

. me happi sketchbook .
. found a good deal while walking around cineleisure .

. colors! .
. bumped to a handsome and cute fella. he couldn't stop playing with the mt-ied bicycle .


Sunday, December 2, 2012

. boo .

. sketching mara t shell .

whoa whoa whoa! okay, last few days i feel a bit.. okay more bit... okay no.. really mix emotion! bleh! no good no good. guess, that's because of me papa and mama keep on calling me and not their fault but to scold me and give me some kind of pressure. ah well, some people just can't mind their own business and poke their nose on others. or just be as evil as some people is and not feeling happi when others are. hmmm what to do... people from my country... from my hometown to be exact are mostly like that. booo! not cool!

but then again, me papa and mama are as sweet as always after they are feeling better. papa called just to say, "hi, daddy's sweetheart how are you?" tehehehe and what can i say more? :p of course i scolded him back! okay not scold scold :p and now after siggraph finished, my freelance done and i can finally not going back to the office on every saturday. i feel more relax now! in fact! i feel inspired again!

whoaaa!!! i am going to take silk screen workshop! excited excited :) can't wait can't wait.

and i can't wait to purchased my baby!!!! :D