Tuesday, February 28, 2012

. nonsense text to mom .

"halo juju pesek apa kabar?" >> "hello the flat nose juju how are you?" that was from my mom

Monday, February 27, 2012

but i don't fall easily to many betrayed me

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

. book .

finally i've finished my norwegian wood and now starting kite runner. i have to say i like norwegian wood. it is just so easy and light to read. i found that book is so honest. oh well, it made me blush once, twice, thrice. haha when i was reading it on the train or bus :p because of "some scene description" now i know why people keep on praising haruki murakami. i like the book :) i might want to read his other book. now, i am gonna enjoying my kite runner after work of course! :p

Monday, February 20, 2012

. love you .

. tagged on fb by my lovely sister .
i miss you!

Friday, February 17, 2012

. fall .

. anna sui ready to wear fall 2012 .
me love the pattern the fabric and the colors me love me love!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

. happi v day! .

flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, sweet words you named it. we heard them alot on this lovely valentine's day. what i would love to do now beside the fact that i am not feeling well, staying at home and rest is, listening to nat king cole's voice or jhonny hartman's enjoying a glass of wine (eventho it is too fancy for me, i am not a wine person) eating chocolate and love myself more each day (sound sad and selfish, but whatever) but then again, instead of doing that, i am watching "the audrey hepburn story" get on and off bed, because the med is giving this super drowsy effect -.-" should i continue with breakfast at tiff? :D have a lovely day, you guys *wink

Monday, February 13, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012

. more .

more than the greatest love
the world has known
more than you'll ever know
my arms long to hold you so
my life will be in your keeping
walking sleeping laughing weeping

. happy friday! .

. please .

. pull me out .

wrapping myself with blanket, plugged my ear with "all love" by ingrid michaelson on my bed and be stupidly emotional!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

. blue .

. i just love the shape, love the texture, love the pattern of this dress .
well, i never touch the texture but with the lighting, you kinda know what is the texture yes? or may be i am just trying to be smart :p

Monday, February 6, 2012

. don't .

. sometimes, you tend to let your guard down so you fall but again don't .

. february .

. yes, mister feb please be nice :D .

. what a day day days! .

happy friday

. the cheesiest cupcake that i ever bought (only for jz, coz he is heart borken, there were 3 others and 4 heart shaped macaroons from coffee club) .

. jz bday, allex, mike, me and jz - tomi sushi, mike's treat! whoa! you can't believe it. i tried my first ever fish sperm sashimi. sounds disgusting but it is not :D reminds me of pig's brain. after that, we went for drinks and sing! .

fun saturday

. walked to national museum for dreams and reality, were queuing! lots of people .

. the only one that caught my eyes, i love this painting by philip wilson .

. went to sean and lina's house warming, with aza, chian leng, kiat, eddy, giovi, gareth, edwin, andrew. had a great time, playing monopoly deal, cards, wii. we laugh, we eat, we drink but noone get drunk .

delicious sunday

. woke up late, very late and mega came over. we fried and ate home made indonesian fish cakes from mega's mom .

. delicious .

. can't get enough, we fried more and again accompanied by sex and the city (mega never watched it before and i fallen asleep because of tiredness .

. we skipped dinner and went for dessert, udders is the best .

. as usual, mine's are durian + earl grey, mega's green tea + earl grey .

Thursday, February 2, 2012

. mean it .

. i want to be love like you mean it .

. on top .

okay, i am not a fans of beyonce. but i just can't stop but keep on playing this song. sweet! she is so pretty and sexy!

. first .

okay, so... i stopped my scarlet letter and go on with haruki murakami's norwegian wood. i've been wanting to read it but somehow i never did. not until today, i have a huge urge to get the book. quite a trip! went to page one (coz, i've been missing it lately) and boom! lots of people there -.-" have i ever told you, i hate crowds! that's why i don't do concert. so, i feel pissed and dizzy with lots of people and piles of books everywhere with lots of empy shelves. i couldn't get my moleskine too. i was like, damn! i should have just grab my moleskine yesterday at kino. and so, i went all the way to orchard again. geez, i feel so tired! but when i want something, i got to get it. so, my bad! and with my sudden urge to read norwegian wood, i went to kino! and now i got both my first ever red moleskine which i start to doodle! (*scream i love it!!!) and my first ever haruki murakami's. now, the mission accomplish and i shall sleep.

*well, noone told me it's going to be easy. when i flip the page backward, i remember the pain. but again, it happens. somewhere someday someone will take care of it. i couldn't deny but it's a lil bit sour in here. eventho it is just a tiny little bit.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

. pretty you .

. i see pretty charlotte .