Thursday, March 12, 2015

that melody

Highlight songs of the day, one that successfully calmed me on whatever it is and makes me kick away the negative vibes. I would love to share with you :) Chance upon it when I was reading an article from manrepeller

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A magical kind of illustration

I have been thru tiring nights physically and mentally, be it working freelance (thank God I still be able to get at least small bean of design work) , work stuff and all. I am quite bumped about my career and what's happening around. But nothing can makes me feel happier and more relax than creating this drawing of fairy godmother at 2AM while waiting for my files to load and running.

 In time like this, I would love to have my own fairy godmother popping out and swish swish her magic wand and give me instant happily ever after. I guess in a way, I do have my fairy godmother in a form of my parents, sisters, boyfriend and close friends. Who always pushes me and encourage me. Thanks, dearie! 

Well, even miracles take a little time :) So, note to myself! be patient and never to give up!