Thursday, March 28, 2013

. skull it like a sir .

wishlist added!

i want it! 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

. striking .

came acrossed to these two gorgeous photographs :)

. enzo mondejar .

. elle moss .

. finger crossed .

finger crossed finger crossed finger crossed!

Friday, March 22, 2013

. good friday .

thanks creative mornings singapore! i woke up very early today, excited for the creative breakfast! :D and i do meet people too! yes, the social awkward me! was nervous but i did it anyway :) for the sake of moving forward. today's topic is reuse. so interesting! 

. and hey, i did recycle stuff ;p see the rings hanger there? i picked up the stick somewhere outside office, paiinted it and tied it and voila! hanger! (okay i am just trying to make myself feel useful and good.. nonsense nonsense) .

oh i am so sleepy right now.

Friday, March 15, 2013

. lil bit of this and that .

after long talk with big brother sandy, i got to admit he made lots of good points about me and because i don't like to be only one that feel bad about myself. i did made few points also towards him which he agree :p. 

i feel greatfully blessed. i have a big brother that i always wanted eversince i was lil kid (just because i am the eldest) and big brother comes with big sister which i adore and love so very much. from the moment we talked on the phone and that was few years back. so what can i ask for more? (oh yeah of course still my pr application! please pretty please approved me next time when i apply again. i promise you i'll be a good permanent resident) i have very bossy lil sister which i adore so much and couldn't help but like to buy her stuffs and sweets just to see her big smile on her face. and a younger sister who always cook a meal for 100 people portion coz she is just generous like that. true that i am still working hard to get a good relationship with her. i got to trus big sis and big bro to help make that happened. sisters bite sometimes :p.

of course the two gorgeous people that i should thanked for, to having me here in this crazy world. dad and mom. who always give me hope and allowed me to dream big. i love them so very much. they are the best thing that happened in my life. got to thanks God for that :)  

so, again. i promise myself to be more mature and be more thoughtful and be more positive thinking if not, i'll got bunch of lecture from big sis and big brother which sometimes sucks. but got to say that the suckieness brings something good to me. they are the only person who dare to speak honestly with concern and love after my mom and dad. time to get up and be happisis again! reach that million dollars dream and beat that one cent negativity. got to be strong got to be strong and got to be awesome! 


Friday, March 8, 2013

. draw .

another drawings :) 

love, happisis!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

. yay .

so, my pass is finally get approved :) i am so happi! next i hope wish and pray that i got my PR approved. pretty please >.< i need it. thank you!

my extremely new and must have wish list because the content are so pretty :) and i just love julia denos work :D

i did try something a bit :)

and i can't get over this line play! the avatar and graphics are way too cute!

love, happisis!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

. chubby .

WHOAAAAAA i am officially CHUBBIER and CHUBBIER. not healthy not healthy i really need to get back in shape! but how oh how when i am not in the mood of doing lots of stuff. sigh! anyway, thanks to OIC for they always organized drawing session every month. so i can get back again to draw something. try something new and here it is

and this one, i drew it during my one week medical leave :p i had fun scribbling on my ikea stool.

and i regret not going to the wicked show....