Wednesday, January 26, 2011

. pretty books .

books i'd like to flip thru and read...

i borrowed this one from nlb before. i love this book! but sad :( i don't have much time to flip them thru. going to nlb again if i got much more time. =)

like every girls and boys i love to flip thru those pages from fashion magazine, adoring, admiring the creation by great artists. some are famous, not so famous, not famous at all, even fashion students. i just admire them. eversince i came here to study, i love design more and more. never get bored of it! from graphic design, fashion design, interior design, product design, all sort of designs! traditional, modern. argh! for this past few years i gradually developing feeling with fashion design. i told button, in the next life i wanted to be a fashion designer! just like those great designers. i admire alexander mc queen, paul smith, coco chanel, christian lacroix, karl lagerfeld, john galliano, marc jacobs, diane von furstenberg, vivienne westwood, agnes b argh! more and more!! i would like to know more about the great fashion designers. fashion from past past past century. i would like to know more! how they got inspired and produce such beautiful and stunning creation. ughm i am curious. because i really know nothing at all! art is interesting! pssstt... i am someone who doesn't really like details and crowd. i love something simple. like dieter rams just simplicity! but for some reasons, i always admire christian lacroix creation. look at those colors and details and wough! i just love them. so fun and daring.

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