Thursday, January 20, 2011

. that is why i love TLC .

one morning, i turned on the tv and tlc will be the first channel popped out on my tv screen. yeah, it used to be disney channel then cartoon network fans. nowadays, i found both of those channel not really good as before. they change alot. i miss the jetsons, yogi bear, every sunday morning 9am story telling, disney classic movies, and lots more. but nice thing about TLC we got to watch, learn, know lots of great and cool stuff from all over the world. one of my fave is world's greenest home with emmanuel belliveau.

this is one of my favorite green house design by Maartje Lammers and Boris Zeisser of24H-architect the accordion house. i envy them for having such a great vacation place.

i wanted to say "that is so cool" but as what Mr. King wrote, "I have my own dislikes I believe that anyone using the phrase "That's so cool" should have to stand in the corner" lols just random. for some reason i love that part. it makes him feels like a kind old man =p.

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