Tuesday, November 29, 2011

. wooo .

"I wanted to create a true Marni wardrobe by revisiting all our favourite pieces in signature fabrics and prints," Castiglioni said. "As always, I love juxtaposing prints and colours, mixing modern tribal with Bauhaus graphic and adding sporty utilitarian elements."
marni for h&m! spring 2012! prints prints colors colors! can't wait!! but... please wallet be nice -.-" excited enough? aaahH!!!!

and congrats to sarah burtons!!! winner of british fashion awards! designer of the year yo!!! woohoooo!!! :D

. hum hum a little hum .

blog! let me start the day! i feel good today :) things seems to be clearer and i feel lighter each day. hahaha! ah! may be that's because christmas is one block away!! hurray! or may be before sleeping, i watched winnie the pooh the movie! oooh! who doesn't love this silly old bear and friends? with the strong imagination of christopher robin. i love! pooh movies always make me happi! and zoey deschanel sing the song yo!!! i just talked to the sheep yesterday i think i can be related to pooh bear. we both loves to eat, not so intelligent, but we love our friends and we always think about our tummy. :D

and have i told you i love my breakfast today! hahaha don't you feel like christmas already just to look at the packaging? i do! :D

Monday, November 28, 2011

. someday .

smitten with this picture :) sometimes i just longing for someone who mature enough to understand me, to care about me without expecting me to do stuff. someday somehow somewhat he will come my only nutcracker prince. not so perfect prince. i am tired.

and when he comes he'll hold me tight in the arm and won't ever let me go. *yes, sisca you wish. *oh yeah! of couse i wish! :p

. dream .

humph! you know what i want now? i want to work on my own self! focus on the dream! the extra stuff, i'll wait later or for Daddy J to settle it for me. feel good going to church today with Heny and Sandy :) okay blog, i am tired and sleepy. i can't wait til 2012.

Friday, November 25, 2011

. the lady .

i got to watch this! ah love meryl streep! :)

. eye on you .

. cute karl lagerfeld shaped eye shadow for sephora! we want! .

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

. randome .

sometimes i do feel this way

. i know nothing i am a loser .

but then again

. i am not the biggest loser coz i KNOW nothing .

okay, i am just being random. i feel drowsy the meds are doing their job.

Monday, November 21, 2011

. wooot .

blog, how are you? hummm i got a mixed mixed situation now! happy and sad. happy coz i had great time with my friends in universal studio! :D and i got sad because i lost my iphone :( all the pictures! the memories had gone. humph can't believe it! and happy again coz i ate the turkey leg at universal studio. yum! i feel like i am in a flinstone world. haha the turkey leg is so big! i want more! and i feel happy too because i ate cookie! and i feel happy because we tried all the excited rides! hap happi! but then i feel sad because i had sore throat and i feel light headed and feverish. and i feel happy again coz the next day which is yesterday. we went for "richard the third" kevin spacey in it yo! :D great performance! i wish i wasn't unwell :( and it's kiat bday yesterday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KIAT! and then now i feel tired but happy coz i knew there is people who care for me. :D thanks for the care not so tasty drink and med!

Friday, November 18, 2011

. hmm .

blog, somehow i feel mix emotion. i am not sure why. i think i feel touched by what my close friend did. i never believe that a love so strong will happened in a real life. well, at least not in my life. i always believe that happens only in the movie or disney fairytale. but no, blog. i had a friend who loves this girl for long time. they were together and now they are not anymore. i really wish he find his happiness. well, i was listening to this song, "the hardest thing" i feel that is so sweet a song. when i was listening to that song, it reminds me of him and the girl that he loves. so i texted him out of blue and question him. i was curious and i never believe that his love could be so strong. but no blog, whatever that song portray, it portray exactly the same thing as what my friend feel. i feel touched and i feel envy that i wish i experience that kind of love too. (nah! instead what i have is only rubbish). hummm there is still a guy who is so devoted only with a girl. who cares so much, who loves so much, who is willing to give everything to a girl (<< well this one is kinda stupid i think :p) eventho he get hurts everytime but he never give up. isn't that enough to show that he really loves her? humph.. i finally kinda believe that real love do exist.

A still frames photograph of you,and me together.
is all i have of you and me anymore .. !
We were so in love and we thought it'll last forever.
But we were torn..by the storm.

And I won't forget you!I can't forget you!And the hardest thing i've done is have to live without you!
And i wonder why we both walked away (we walked away)
I'm lost without you,still crazy for you
Just turn around,come back because your smile is overdue
And I miss You (I miss you)

If I'd only knew the words to say that would make you turn around (turn around)
I'd say the words to you more than a million times.
It's been forever,but that hasn't changed what you mean to me.

Darling can'tyou see? (can't you see?)

That i won't forget you! I can't forget you!And the hardest thing I've done is have to live without you!
And I wonder why we both walked away ( we walked away)
I'm lost without you,still crazy for you,
Just turn around,come back because your smile is overdue.
And i miss You! (I miss you)

Im sorry for all i did,what i said and things i hid and I'm finally over me..
Is that too late you you?
I can't imagine where I'd be
If you had never rescued me
You showed me what it is,and now i so can see

And I won't forget you!I can't forget you!And the hardest thing i've done is have to live without you!
And I'm lost without you,still crazy for you
Just turn around,come back because your smile is overdue
And I won't forget you!I can't forget you!And the hardest thing i've done is have to live without you!And i wonder why we both walked away

'Cause I'm lost without you,still crazy for you.
Just turn around,come back because your smile is overdue.
And I miss You.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

blog! i am so so so sleepy! but it's worth the catchup the ketchup! so v was here this early morning! yeah midnight -.-" transit to indo. we talked and bucks! ended up went back ard 4am. hahaha! blame me but i had fun! he is coming back here again later on and stay here for few days. ah! we've already know what we shall eat! yay! be ready to gain weight, me! :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

. stole my ice cream .

no blog, i didn't have any but my little dino here has a little nightmare. he told me someone stole his ice cream away. anw, i am stealing a 5 mins time to post this and uploaded this up on happisis studio :p. i am tired! lots of work but still doing good :D aye aye!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

oh migosh! i got distracted by this song. so sweet!!! i want to feel love like this! please!

. na na na na .

awww! isn't this song cute? hahaha i wish i am still young lols. i mean under 20 ahha. and yes! i am back!!! the happisis is back! i've been thinking. just because some people dislike me, doesn't mean the world will end and besides, i have great friends surround me :D. i can't just waste my precious time! and my friends keep on asking me yesterday and today. what's wrong with me! frankly speaking, me don't know... but i promise i won't waste my time and i don't want to be called miss emo! bleah!

. gotten .

this song reminds me of...

Monday, November 14, 2011

. nobody .

sigh~ i don't know i hate myself now!

. my own paradise .

i can somehow related myself to this lyrics... i feel good when i listen to this song and let me tell you blog, i get inspired from this song too. i just don't have the time now to do the imagination that still wandering around my mind. i want to illustrate them soon.
When she was just a girlShe expected the worldBut it flew away from her reach soShe ran away in her sleepand dreamed ofPara-para-paradiseEvery time she closed her eyes
When she was just a girlShe expected the worldBut it flew away from her reachand the bullets catch in her teethLife goes on, it gets so heavyThe wheel breaks the butterflyEvery tear a waterfallIn the night the stormy night she'll close her eyesIn the night the stormy night away she'd fly
And so lying underneath those stormy skiesShe'd say, "oh, I know the sun must set to rise"
* for the second time in this year two people told me to just leave them alone.. guess, i must be that bad. :(

Sunday, November 13, 2011

blog, these days are not happy days :( i feel upset. people dislike me.. i don't understand why and what i did wrong :( if i could.. i would leave this place as soon as i can. i am tired here. tired with all nonsense, all unnecessary stuff. may be i am too carefree.. i am too friendly with peoples. that's why they hate me. i don't know but i feel sad. this year isn't my year that's all. i hope those who hates me.. they will think twice.. before they really hate hate me. if i could i would vanish from this place. sigh... i just wanted a simple normal unstressful life. why can't i have that? i just want to achieve my dream.. what i wanted. why people always being so mean? i don't understand. i am not happy at all. i wish this go away fast.. :(

Friday, November 11, 2011

. fall .

this song is beautiful... it makes me cry...
my heart ache everytime i know there is someone care for me when i know all i can do is nothing

. happistudio .

hey blog, so i decided to doing some "activity" for my happisis studio fb page. please do dropped by and show some love :p. decided to show my sketches everyday! with lil message. humph... i hope people or whoever supported the happisis studio page feel happier with our drawing :D

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

. wink .

When you touch my hand, the racing world stands And everything’s still
And I can’t hold my breath, but forget to breathe when looking at you

aaah! been busy with works and i'm lovin' it :D at last the busy moment has come. have a happy day yo! hugs and kisses!

Monday, November 7, 2011

. long weekend .

. my first ever stamp crafting! .

. this reminds me of thumbelina .

hey, blog! how are you! hummm i am quite restless over the long weekend :) but i am quite enjoying myself. strolling around doing nothing til am :p. guess, i love doing that. btw blog, i am being a loser again. i have no guts to watch paranormal activity -.-" i sat in for the whole movie without watching the movie T_T. ahh!!! but yesterday or saturday or even friday night were all awesome :) oh yeah! we walking, taking mrt aimlessly and ended at haw par villa yesterday. reminds me of my childhood. when papa and mama brought me there. but they do change lots of stuff. well, i couldn't quite remember. what i remember is there was a boat bringing us inside a cave to view all the statues and i got scared. well, up until now when i visited there i got uneasy feeling. btw, i've watched tintin. love the show so very much!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

. shake it yo .

shake shake shake! i love this song

Thursday, November 3, 2011

. system down .

have you ever face up and down situation? hummm... much learn from this life. i am now kinda facing a down situation. next year, i wish next year all going to be better. i texted koko sandy. i said no matter what he has to push me and i need to gain something in next year. i mean, i feel grateful for what i have right now. but we are human not meant to be only in their comfort zone. i want to strive better in everything. i feel blessed i have lovely friends around, lovely coworkes and also someone who cares for me. i feel grateful. but still this is not enough. God created placed me in this world not for being so so sisca! but the awesome one. i am so fed up lately with myself. and i am sometimes disappointed and i am just feeling so emotional these days. i wish this is gonna over soon. please please november please be good to me. *i can feel i am talking nonsense and craps but who cares. noone will read this junk anyway.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

. bleah! .

. and i still can't forgive you! she shouldn't either .

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

. love is .

a friend of mine sent me this link i love it! it supposed to be my inspiration.