Thursday, March 12, 2015

that melody

Highlight songs of the day, one that successfully calmed me on whatever it is and makes me kick away the negative vibes. I would love to share with you :) Chance upon it when I was reading an article from manrepeller

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A magical kind of illustration

I have been thru tiring nights physically and mentally, be it working freelance (thank God I still be able to get at least small bean of design work) , work stuff and all. I am quite bumped about my career and what's happening around. But nothing can makes me feel happier and more relax than creating this drawing of fairy godmother at 2AM while waiting for my files to load and running.

 In time like this, I would love to have my own fairy godmother popping out and swish swish her magic wand and give me instant happily ever after. I guess in a way, I do have my fairy godmother in a form of my parents, sisters, boyfriend and close friends. Who always pushes me and encourage me. Thanks, dearie! 

Well, even miracles take a little time :) So, note to myself! be patient and never to give up! 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Day in River Safari

I am trying to capture something one day and share my feeling with people from my instagram this december. I feel like at least i have a purpose or rather commitment on what i've got to do each day. I am starting to feel like i am lacking of a lot of stuff and purpose in my early life. (sounds like elderly) but yeah.... stuff that happens in the work place and yada yada yada. Today I wanna share about my trip to River Safari with the bunch of good people. My classmates from 3dsense few years ago. We had a great time despite of the panda sleeping and the rains.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

no! it wasn't me!

he get caught red handed for stealing those bacons and eggs! check out my instagram or tumblr for more :D

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pascal came to Singapore!

So happi to be able to meet Pascal Campion himself, learning lots of stuff from him and listened to his story about his family and journey to became a humble illusrtator like himself. I love all the stories that he shared. All so warm and fuzzy. He makes me miss my papa and mama even more. He reminds me of my papa actually when he starts talking about his lil kids, Lily, Collin and Max.

So, I decided to be brave and draw something for him and his family :D. For his love of Hawaii since he met his wife over there and also his stories about his kids. If only I am good at drawing environment. I am super happi that he likes it.

Ohana means Pascal , Katrina, Lily, Collin, and Max. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

I feel so productive yesterday! Doing something for Eames' birthday party next week (eventho i am not there, eames you should know onti love you so much and hope you love onti's gift to you). I got home quite early yesterday and I started off with Eames' project! and then, I did some inktober for yesterday which inspired by Julia my friend for her love of cat! Some doodling on my picture just because it is too empty, inspired by the sea of fertility. She always created awesome illustration. Then, drawing something on a plain tote created by Steffi. Recycling is a good thing!