Friday, October 17, 2014

I feel so productive yesterday! Doing something for Eames' birthday party next week (eventho i am not there, eames you should know onti love you so much and hope you love onti's gift to you). I got home quite early yesterday and I started off with Eames' project! and then, I did some inktober for yesterday which inspired by Julia my friend for her love of cat! Some doodling on my picture just because it is too empty, inspired by the sea of fertility. She always created awesome illustration. Then, drawing something on a plain tote created by Steffi. Recycling is a good thing!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

 Lots of things been happening now and then, here and there. But surely there are good and bad moments during those times. But what I love during this month is i got to spent a great time with my close friends :)  Revano (nono) and Stephanie (nyak)! They came to Singapore, spending their birthday here. Did I forget to mentioned? Yes, they are the most unique couple and friends that i've ever had! They shared same birthday and both loud! I love both of them for who they are. I am super happi that I finally get to give them a lil surprise. Nothing fancy, only broken Spongebob and destroyed cake ;p but it turns out great! Or... may be it is just because of the photographer! photo credit to Revano :)

Here is the cake :D

Aside from that, I've been committing to inktober!! I got to force and train myself to draw a picture each day! I'll compile them after it ends! It is really fun, its a good thing for someone like me who is very lazy. I did some embroidery :) pretty proud of myself! My one and only happisis brooch :)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Good Monday Good

Hurrah! I've finally set my own society6! Been wanting to start since two years ago! Can you imagine my unsteady-ness and lazy-ness ;p. So, if anyone even read this please go and check it out :) I will be really happi and appreciate it. Thank You!

Here is the link >>>>>

And just because i am happi eventho a bit tired from work and not sure why my eyes getting tired easily these days, here is a cute animation that le boyfriend shared with me :) aw! this is the first time i ever wrote le boyfriend ;p. Yes, i am that shy! ;p

And here is some soothing Studio Ghibli music that my good friend shared. Excited!!! I am going to visit Ghibli next year with bunch of good friends!!! I hope next week is next year and tomorrow is christmas. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

freshly cut!

So, I was like uh the weather is so hot and I can't stand the long hair. Am I still going to perm this hair? Ugh, nah! *ring the hairstylist and CHOP! Voila~ now I have short, fresh, lighter hair! So happi with my short hair now :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Happi Floppy Birthday. Miss Bee!

It's been a long time since I pay visit to my blog. I think I should have get back on track again. So for the first post after few months! My doodle!

I drew this last month when I visited my bunch of my love one in Semarang. It happened to be Thea's baby girl birthday on the weekend. I feel bad though I didn't have anything prepared. So, I drew this as part of the gift for the Baby Bianca. Hope that she sees it and likes it. Frankly speaking I quite like this doodle. I tried something different from what I drew always. Since the theme is peter rabbit.. So I chose the color theme :)

Friday, March 28, 2014

. lichen .

So I learnt a new word and something new from Jui Horng yesterday after I showed him a nice sculpt by this japanese artist. I found it beautiful but he found it rather creepy. Oh well, different kind of people with different kind of opinion.

So, the new word today is Lichen. As per wikipedia, "A lichen is a composite organism consisting of a fungus and a photosynthetic partner growing together in a symbiotic relationship'. I'll pretend that I know what is all that about. So okay, I googled it, and yes it look a lil bit disturbing on some images but not all. The first image that popped out is this. So I'll just see this lichen is beautiful. Look at the texture, the details and the shape.