Tuesday, July 31, 2012

. sux .

when you know that you can trust no one around you, when you know that you can care no more about people around you. in that moment, you are joining the real challenging world.

Friday, July 27, 2012

. beautiful in white .

look look! i got wings tattoo on my wrist! ugh! the temporary's ;p and this pic is for fanny and revano, both of them so obsessed with mustache! 

woooo! i had wonderful days in bali! indeed it was a fun, loving and warmth trip. be together with people that i love, witnessed the most beautiful ceremony ever, walked down the aisle escorting our dearest friend. surrounded by beautiful nature and also yummy foods! what can you asked for more? oh yeah! my owl! :)

so, last 22nd june was my dearest friend, fanny and revano's wedding. tears of happiness couldn't stop but keep on flowing on that day. she in the gorgeous pure white gown, walking down the aisle. she was and still is the most prettiest bride ever. i love how she is so bubbly, so cheerful, so caring, so simple, so down to earth, she gave us the warm and fuzzy feeling and also comfort whenever you are with her. i love her annoying high voice pitch and her laugh. words can't describe how i love her and treasure her as my very close and dearest friend. same goes to marsha and steffi. i will treasure this very much and won't let anything stain our friendship. of course there were ups and also downs, i mean this is life. we need those to make it real. :D i love them so much.

geez! suddenly i feel mixed emotion. i miss them already. i wish to be there with them right on this moment. ahh!!! but there are more to come :D

i love you nyak! i treasure you, thanks for choosing me as one of the bridesmaid. i feel honor, lucky and happi! you looked so beautiful that night! and please please make more little fanny and revano :D we are waiting for the good news!

last but not least, she is melissa satria, yes revano's lovely cousin. she is so petite. so cute and so funny! 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

. love you and you .

wohoooo! the day has come! finally!!!! in few hours time i'll be seeing my lovely ladies! *thrilled! and humm non stop being a daddy little girl... my dad called me few times just to remind me to bring vicks with me haha! just in case if my sinus acted up again. and oh dad, i brought difflam and also clarityn with me! don't worry :D and he told me not to swim in the beach. dangerous! and mom and dad worried that i might get lost >.< gah! i am that blur?? hmmm anw, i miss mom and dad :) love you!

time to sleep! and again... i am abandoning my 1q84! i wonder when will i finished it! but the story gets more and more interesting! in this kind of situation, i wish i have kindle!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

. you so uh .

too excited! i cannot sleep and hellow!!! i need to wake up early tomorrow! gaaaah! but what to do? i am not that tired yet. and so, i try to draw from references. i am now trying to learn from copying amazing artist works and slowly learn the details and also find my own style :D first attempt today!

top, i forget where i got the beautiful illustration! and bottom is mine ;D

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

. falling in .

okay, i am thrilled! yay! one day away and i am in bali! with my lovely ladies!!! and soon after that bridesmaid to my dearest friend fanny :D so happi for her! ah! couldn't wait. i do wish i can skip tomorrow. hahaha! but then, i am also in mixed emotion! i miss my owlie owl. ahhh! couldn't spent a nice time yesterday. i was too tired and then today we can't meet up and tomorrow i doubt so and then the next day fly to bali. hmmm...

can't wait to wear you :D

okay okay, enough with the mixed emotion. i am literally having a love at first sight on a tee after so long. hehe. i love my newly spotted fifi's project tee for topshop! grabbed, tried and kacha! i owned it! lol. i am just happi, haven't felt that in so long. hard to find a tee that i like. hummm those tee that i want, i couldn't find them here -.-" booo! 

Monday, July 16, 2012

. another goodbye .

Oh blog, i just came back home and first thing that i want to do was just type this but no, i went to shower all clean and fresh and i went to facebook, search on andrew's facebook and see what he wrote for zheng yong. you see, i am very bad at remembering people's name and always called him as the tattoo boy. oh well, only within a group and he didn't even know that. he was a student from cg protege. heard that he was good and creative in what he did. but last few weeks or last month exactly, i talked to him and went for lunch  with him and also aza and chian leng. learnt that he is a good, sweet and nice kid. i would love to talk to him more. i was shocked and couldn't believe it when wilson told me that he passed away. we (him, aza and chian leng) supposed to go out for jap dinner. but guess, it wouldn't never happen anymore. as i type this i feel sad the tears came out. i never talked to him much but he gave me strong impression and i really wish he can achieve what he wants. strangely that we never really talk but i feel sad and miss him. he was so random and funny. he was a really good kid. like a little boy. i didn't get to go to his wake. i feel terribly sad. i told owl about it. what i can do is to pray for him and i do hope he is happy up there. you'll be miss. nice to know you.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

. love .

what is love? love is now when you feel happy, carefree, girly and impatient. :D

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

. navy jil .

so chic so sleek and so simple. me like me like >.< but me can't me can't

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

. adds on .

wishlist adds on! McQueen enameled skull ring....

Monday, July 2, 2012

based on owl, the dark queen :D

today is a sleepy day. i could have sleep all night. very tired. before going to work, while enjoying my breakfast i watched sex and the city the movie. yes, again! still adore pat field with the choices of interesting style sense for the characters. my mood turns better after watching it. i don't want to be in the office with the grumpy face. not good not good. but i couldn't performed well today. i should go back earlier and oh yes, still pile of works to do. but i got no control to the tired eyes and also heavy head and the continuously cough. bad cough that i got. and today, i am going back to my own room. be braver and sleep alone! not with sisters so i can sketch some stuff and practice some water color :D for the sake of happisis studio. oh oh! i managed to drew a birthday card for my owl :D after few long hours of attempt and i am quite satisfied with the drawing not fantastic but i like it.