Monday, January 3, 2011

. you are beautiful .

heya!! happy new year! i haven't think about what is my resolution yet. well, hmmm i did think about them but i haven't write it down properly yet. i know, the post we should write about this early year should be the post that contains happy thoughts! i couldn't bear but need to post this now. tragic i should say... about those beautiful girls who wanted to be "thin" and for some who have no idea what they are been thru and for some who has the disease called anorexic. sad real sad poor real poor. i've heard about those anorexic models on the catwalk, as well as seen some photos from internet back then when i was still sit on my school chair. first, i thought they were just photoshoped pictures but they were not. they are all real! my friend, julia reminds me again about this case when we were happily shopping before new year. i went to check about this french model who died at her 28 age because of anorexic. she is isabelle caro. she was famous for the zero size antianorexic campaign. poor her i should said. i would have cried if i wasn't at my office when i watched the youtube video. "the price of beauty" where jessica simpson on it. that was sad. then, i am so curious about this anorexic models and i keep on typing her name and read some article and saw some of her pictures. finally, i stumbled upon this blog called medusa and i learn alot about there are lots of bright young beautiful girls who suffer under this case.

those girls who want to be "thin" please think about it twice. -.-" you are worth more than that. human born beautiful, you are beautiful!

So God created mankind in his own image,in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. Genesis 1:27


Cindy Tantarica said...

thanks for sharing this,ci. yeah. some people go on a "without-eating-anything" diet. :( felt pity for those peopleee :(

.happisis. said...

yeah, you were right! they should just eat healthy like me! round and happy! or go for run!!! =)

Jane Reggievia said...

have a blogwalking and stumbled on your blog! hahaha :D
ahh, thanks God I still have my "fatty" body :p I never think I have a skinny body, lose some weight and eat properly it just enough for me. yes you and me are beautiful <3 thanks for this post, so inspired!
have a nice day, sisca!