Friday, December 31, 2010

. wicked person = ugly person .

again, i happened to remember ugly moment that i had together with my sisters.. right exactly on the day our beloved grandpa leave us.. we were in pain and mourn for he is leaving us. but there, in every fairy tale stories or even a reality shows... we will meet this villain. humph..

yeah, even in your family you will found one or two. i still remember her, accusing us.. 3 kids that couldn't do anything because she is an adult... she blame us for our grandpa's death. she said grandpa still angry and not happi with us. (the truth was... few days before.. we just talked to grandpa on the phone and he seems okay, happy and we had a lil jokes =) my dad was the one who took good care of my grandpa when he was in the hospital eventho he isn't a son of my grandpa but my mom is. both of mom and dad with grandma took really good care of grandpa at hospital and my dad even stayed overnight. my uncle came as well to take a look at him. but me and sister was here in singapore) i still remember what she said that night, it was the nightmare and ugly moment ever! she accused us for alot of things and she spread the untruthful information to friends and other relatives. well, only Daddy J will know what she has been doing. after that, she even made 3 of us kneeling down in front of my grandpa's coffin and she told us to asked forgiveness (wow, i nearly exploded but i still have to respect her, my parents didn't teach us a bad manner). she whispered to us that while grandpa was in hospital, we; our one family went overseas and having fun (the truth is.. my grandpa haven't even leave us when my mom, dad and sister were here. my grandpa collapsed right on the night before my cousin's wedding day. in fact, my dad asked my grandpa to come with us and enjoy the holiday few months before... when i heard grandpa collapsed i prayed real hard and kept on calling back to indonesia. but he is doing well again =) he even attended my cousin's wedding ceremony. sadly, my grandpa went back to the hospital, few weeks later at night after visiting my cousin's new house. guess, he was too tired to climbed the house. he died one day after happily came out from hospital and he was supposed to go to malaysia to have medical check up. the night before he passed away, my dad told us he jokes alot with my grandpa and my grandpa was so happy laughing and his cheek was still pinkish but Daddy J took him away from us while he was peacefully sleeping. so, what she the wicked woman said is not true! she is just being so wicked and wicked and wicked -.-" )

this relative of ours she is so wicked as wicked as the villains that you found from fairy tales story. i still love coz she is still a mother, aunt, sister, daughter and she is member of the family but i couldn't help but still disappointed with her. i wish in 2011 she will become a good person. she won't do such bad things anymore.

*this is not the only thing that she has ever done. there is lots more!

forgive me to wrote this, i am just so disappointed and still in pain :( this makes me miss my grandpa even more.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

.missing you.

forgive me to posted lots of pics! i just couldn't resist it! i miss all of 'em.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

.be merry like strawberry.

hey, guys! so, how is your christmas doing? i missed the christmas countdown -.-". i'll make a proper countdown next year. apart of that, i had a nice time with my classmates from 3dsense. we have this small christmas party at mayo inn. it was mike's treat. so kind of him! hehe. we had lots of foods and sweets and presents everywhere =D. but i went off half way. wish i could have just stay longer. i got to thank my friends for the nice christmas present!

.cool video recorder from heny and sandy.

. cute bear next to button from davin and cute white bunny from andrea.

.pinnochio from zhi hao.

but what's best is my mom, dad, sist and grandma are here now!!

.mom and dad.

.dad , sists and granma.

.mom and dad.

.me and sist.
.sist and sist.
.mom and me.
and i've been trying to finished kazuo ishiguro before i go for the movie in jan!! =)

happi holiday, guys!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

.food fash i on.

banana dress
bubble gum
bubble gum

i am amazed by this beautiful art by Yeonju Sung