Monday, August 30, 2010

.volcano eruption.

Mount Sinabung volcano on the Indonesian island of Sumatra has erupted again, sending ash and smoke several kilometres into the atmosphere.

*pictures and text are from BBC and CNN report.

when i heard about this... i am worried. how can i not be? Mount Sinabung is really near my hometown, Medan. wish nothing bad will be happen hmmm should we touch the wood? yeah. :) let's pray pray pray everyone will be okay. wish this smoke won't effected the flights as well.

Friday, August 27, 2010

.down down down but not to the rabbit whole coz this is not wonderland.

forgive me to being down again today. hmm guess my feeling is really like a stock market.... it goes.... up and down and down and up (-.-)" that is not good. that's affected the people around me. hmm but i couldn't help it. i suddenly feel so dummy. i have finished my 3 years graphic design course and i got my bachelors degree. after that, i continue my 1 year diploma course in 3d character animation. but i never use them =( and i kept on saying i'll tweak my demoreel, will update it and will make new pieces of new designs but it never happened. i don't know what happened to me. if you ask me am i passionate about all of them? of course i am! i love them with all my heart? what are you talking about of course! i love designs, i love animation, i love art very much. but why can't i be more focus and just do it! well, i don't know i am confuse as well. i don't know where to start and i almost lost my self confidence. i hate that. when i see people's works i feel so down. i am nothing to compare. oh, hell sisca!! please wake up! you are not that bad! you just didn't put all your effort on each of them. you need to work harder like the rest. wake up, please! *slap *ouch that hurts! have i ever told you, i keep on sending job application... well, i stopped now coz i see there is no light! but i couldn't buried myself in this job that i couldn't even enjoy it much.
what do you think guys? can anyone of you give me some encouragement? i need that now =(

.tiring yesterday.

aaah! i think Daddy heard my prayer about i am too bored at work and there i was! tired and non stop working for the whole day. fiuh~ such a tiring day yesterday. i won't said i am bored at work anymore. (-.-)"

Thursday, August 26, 2010

.cinderella carriage.

this is so few years back but because i just received cards from a friend yesterday, it brings back memory. so i digged out this card instead to show off my gorgeous cinderella carriage bday card :) i received this sweet card from a close friend of mine plus few photographs of her cousin. i still have his pictures i am sure. i keep them on my organizer hahaha. she sent those when she was in melbourne, having her internship at this super cool branding company future brand if i didn't get it wrong. i still remember before she flew to melbourne, i passed her something for z hahaha. that was fun memory. gah.... it's been a long time. 3 years i guess? or more? when all of us stayed in one house. that was fun real fun. :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


nothing much to do here in the office. as you know, i came from designs and computer graphic background. yet... i am here working as assistant admin. well, i learn stuff here and my colleague are nice.... but still as someone who came from design field. i am sure you'll understand how i feel right now. i never really deal with text and number for such a long time... i totally miss adobe and autodesk =) well, yeah i worked at home as well after office hour. helping friend doing lil designs but that's not enough to make me feel satisfied!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

.it's from santa house.

i hope he doesn't mind that i posted this! i am too happy now =D
my fave!
my fave!
oh papa santa
some knowledge
see!! it's from santa house!

i was peeping inside my letter box today, and guess what i found! a loveliest sweetest envelope from santa house, north pole. it is one of my dream to receive a letter from north pole. i should thank my friend or i should said my "koko ecek2" well, that's what i call him. hahahaha koko means big brother and ecek ecek means fake. =p so, yeah he is my koko ecek2 who just came back from alaska just to captured all beautiful pictures from there. you should check out his work from
his website. and he was being so nice to sent me pics when he was there. aahhh~ how i envy him. thanks alot my koko ecek2 =D i love those postcards. now, they are hanging on my wall =D

. i looked and what do i see?.

oh, i found this from youtube and i love the song... i wish that i have the movie and songs.

. がんばって,ね!.

today i sent a note to my friend. have you send one? to cheer them up or to encourage them? :)

.ragged doll.

what if i am a ragged doll.. will you still like me?

.ragged doll lovely.

raggedy ann and andy

my strawberry shortcake

i went to ann siang again.. ahh~ but i forget the name of that lovely picture books store. they have lotsa lotsa picture books and pop out books. ah~ how lovely they are. and i found
raggedy ann and andy. i've been wanting this doll. i saw it somewhere but i couldn't remember where. i guess it was in television or internet. and i keep on wondering what is their name... i want one. i just love ragged toys. i love them. it reminds me of my last year birthday gift that i received from my 3dsense classmates. its a classic second hand strawberry shortcake and i love it. oh ya, back to the ragged ann and andy. ahh! i saw the story books. i want it. i want to own one of the story book. i am curious. i want to read it. but too bad. children story books are always expensive and i've spent lots of money this month. i have to hold the temptation. may be i'll go back to that store again and get a copy =)gday all!

Monday, August 23, 2010


what happen if you are a tin man?

.fun and tiring weekend.

yuhuu~~ how are you everyone! i have fun and tiring weekend. started from saturday evening we have small bbq at our house balcony followed by yummy home made thai dessert by my sister's bf. the exciting part is monopoly game! because for the first time i won the game =D well, for the first time ever i won a game! :) we ended up sleeping at 7plus whoa i was so tired. i just managed to have few hours sleep before another appointment with my friends. and i skipped my morning service. i'm sorry Daddy. we walked around china town. it was fun! oh, yeah fun! we found lots of interesting stuff and toys and flea market. whoa!! i love the free market coz i found a spectra 2 polaroid. wooo so beautiful and vintage. i got it for only 20 bucks. i'm so happy to bring back that baby home. i can't wait to have my new cam. my parents are coming soon. =)

allex and jing zhong. we were in the same class at 3d sense. look at the black tshirt with nice illustration. that is jon's artwork. one of our lecturer from 3dsense. i love his artworks. you guys do check out his works on his blog. =D
songfa bakkut teh. i think this is the only bakkut teh that i can finished the soup. it's yummy!! usually singapore's bakkuteh is papery. that's why i prefer malaysia's.

allex and jz were so tired we were looking for nice airconditioner place to eat. yesterday was so hot!

i didn't notice that i actually block my own face. am sorry i'm not a self taking picture expert.
i'm a dummy in taking my own picture ahhaha this looks funny

isn't this beautiful?

wish you guys have a great day! hope you enjoy my pictures and little sketch :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

.blue devil go away.

as I said.... today is blue... blue devil visiting me today. I don't really enjoy the company. Sigh! But, what are they that can kill that blue devil! Food and ice cream! So, after work I go to Clarke quay I went to a nice ramen place called marutama. I love Nama karashi to tamago ramen. Uh! Just so nyummy! After that, here I am! Haato&co! For their nice outdoor sitting place and a green tea red bean ice-cream in cone! Isn't that nice? But nothing compares it when u are here with your friends. :( I am all alone, the nice ice cream was dripping while I was eating. It melted so fast :( I ate like a kid. But I dontwant to go home first before I feel all happy again. I dont like to invite that blue devil inside my house :p well well wish u guys have great night :)


rainy day! it's rainy day! and i feel cold here. but my red riding hood stamps made me smile a little. i just got my new red riding hood stamp set yesterday from wood would. i just love that little store. i just realized, my pencil case that i've been using now and then is also red riding hood print. ahh~ sweet. and someone said he'll get me the alphabet's stamps! i was so thrill. just now.. i wrote that i shouldn't listen to that person.. think of it again. i am so bad =( i didn't mean that. i mean because he is so forgetful. he'll forget about it. because i know along this time, aside from "those" matters he try hard never to let me down. :) he is now not feeling well. get well soon matey! =) so that we can play again!

.いち, に, さん, し.....

exercise exercise!! いち, に, さん, し.... いち, に, さん, し.... gah! i really need to exercise again. it's been a long time since my last hanging out with mr.treadmill from my condo as well as mr & mrs trees from east coast. ah~~ i feel my tummy just as round as anpan man face and bouncy~ it reminds me of my animation school day. bouncing ball. -.-" ahhahaha. i really need to start again!!! i feel so unhealthy these days -.-"

Thursday, August 19, 2010

.little playful red heart.

i know i am so late to post this but.... i have always been so curious about this little red heart symbol then.. i stumbled across a blog and finally ahh~ this is COMME des GARCONs play collection. just love it. the heart symbol is so playful. i want to have one. esp the stripe tee with the little heart on it. seems like this month full of stripes everywhere i go. i love the black collection as well. black and white always the best no? can anyone teach me how to pronounce this label? *blush