Wednesday, January 19, 2011

. i love art .

ugh! i feel artsy again. i really wish i can either work at animation studio, children illustration studio or cool design studio. i am bored with this all paper work! i need something fun! therefore, now i am in the middle of preparing my porto =D. am so excited about it. yeah not really preparing. coz sadly i don't have any new piece to show. just revamp the look. as what sokkuan suggested. am sure she is disappointed with me now. coz she was so nice to spare a few hours to met up with me and i suppose to gave her something in return but because of this and that i couldn't meet the time. feel ashamed too. okay, back to topic. i love dover street market. i knew about this from one of the article from internet back then and got so excited about it. i really love the store look. uh, if i am lucky and rich enough i'll visit london's dsm. i want to look at the real store and want to shop there! from what i've seen on the pictures, the store is great. love the store concept. feel like another utterubbish exhibition. i wish there is more utterubbish event. i love that exhibition.

forgive me, i am not a good writer and i always talk randomly.

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