Tuesday, May 31, 2011

. schizophrenic .

ha! just weeks ago. a person says i changed my face like a schizophrenic. it hurts me badly! but now i don't mind. because of mcqueen quote "i'm a romantic schizophrenic". i know it is not related but i don't care. lols. am so wanting to see the real savage beauty exhibition. if only i am a schizophrenic in a creative way!

humm he really is such a genius. fall in love with mcqueen since few years ago. when i first watched his sarabande fashion show on my podcast thru the fashion tv. he was the one who makes me want to know more and more about fashion. how fashion is really beautiful and not just about a piece of cloth, not less precious than da vinci or picasso works or decades of treasure that buried deep inside the earth. up until now i still couldn't believe that he die. i'll work hard til' i could own my very own mcqueen piece :)

. slowly turns .

blog, do you remember i told you i had my first horror movie named insidious. yes, thanks to yohji now my perspective and image of that scary lady ghost slowly became not that scary. the lady more or less have the same make up and hair similar to this. ;D

my morning is so covered by works. i have not much time to read some articles from blog and site that i love. i use the night time to do so. keep input-ing data on my not too grand cpu.

. no rumbly in my tumbly .

hiaaaaaaa!!!! blog! i just finished my work. got to tell you. today work drives me crazy. i almost bang my head on the comp or even the keyboard, eh. thanks to mega who help me! my prob almost solve. geez, really... but i do learn stuff. tomorrow will be tougher i need not to feel it but i am sure of it. hiya hiya!!! first time being a designer and know nothing about website. know nothing about those alien language. but sisca, you are not that bad,huh? you are able to survive til now. now now i need to deal with the short video for my beloved friend which has progress thanks! my life is just so wonderfully wonderful with lots of confussion. thanks to alvin, being my dinner buddy! i just dont want to eat alone tonight. that thai hor fun was too salty for me. what's wrong with today foods. my breakfast was salty and now my dinner. but i shall feel grateful no? :) i am riding bus home with full tum tum with jack johnson on my ears and musketeers still inside my bag. :p sorry dumas. i am tired of words today.

. king kong .

blog blog, you should agreed with me. up until now, i still believe that king kong is real. he and she are somewhere out there. with tons of banana. ;D

Monday, May 30, 2011

. if i am a nerd .

blog blog, am happy and i miss a person. yes, am happy. today was good. tomorrow am going to collect my pass :D. today is another challenging day for me. i so want to be a nerd with stack of books. books that normal people won't be able to understand. stay late til night reading those books with colorful highlighters blue, green, orange, pink, yellow. lots of scribble around all over the page, sticky notes. hua!!! let my imagination goes wild. i love that feeling. i feel useful and smart haha. :p anw, yes! i hope everyday similar to today. all going smooth and rough.

am so going to eat! yes, blog. eat alone. that's how am going to spend my days. my tummy is rebelling. nasi lemak here i come :D

. this is .

Sunday, May 29, 2011

. fighting .

good luck myself for tomorrow first day :) blog, wish me good day!
thank you!

. rude .

a friend asked me today, why i like that person. now that i think about it, because he is rude.

ugh, onaka ga itai -.-" and also peko peko. tabetai desu!

. chickie-ness .

recently, my face feels rough and unhealthy. i need exercise, healthy food, water(which is i've been consuming plenty of them and i love my old starbucks water bottle, that is why), and fruits! hummm. i see pimple here and there. haiz...

anw, i just came back from the late night out again! yes, after yesterday. now again! yesterday was pirates of caribbean with shaun and stupid mike. here we are again! today was lil hard core! my very first horror movie with short "cover me eyes" yay! i sit thru the end of the movie. it was INSIDIOUS ugh, i have to admit. it was creepy, as in really. some scene still stuck in my mind. yay! my journey to conquer my "chicken-ness" almost there! am proud of myself. after that, for the refreshment we went for KUNGFU PANDA 2 i almost fall asleep. i think i love the first one better :) yeeheeey!

oh oh yeah! blog, you still remember the icon watch that i am dying for. hehehe. the love at the first sight watch! yes, that particular watch. i met up with julia, mel and agnes. yes and agnes has the black one. ugh, envy envy envy. quick quick for one month so i got my pay check and i can buy one! :)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

. coward .

hey blog, am not going to run today. i think i am be able to if i want. my heart say go to run my body is better and am capable to do so. but i don't want to run with the past. :) let it be yeah? will join the next run. let me be a coward for today. :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

. big body oh! .

still compromising and discussing with my big body! if i am okay to run. mom said no! coz i need to work on monday. my first day! z said depends but better no. my mind said, i care about my pride! tired of being called a weakling and little cry baby. what should i do? i mean it's only 10k and it's in the evening. shouldn't be a prob, huh? but i've been waiting for this day!

. simple gorgeous .

just random post, i re-pin it on pinterest. isn't this simple baby gorgeous? *hands up agreed! as pure and simple like the design, strong and rough like the coated gold, pure like the color, sparkling like the stone yet they are so fragile. love is like that. it is tough, rough, innocent, and fragile.

. happy bank ing .

wooohooo this sugamo shinkin bank, shimura branch is superb. like a playground so happy. i would like to bank in my money there.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

. how i wish .

third post tonight! i feel mellow and peace :) listening to johnny hartman. how i wish outside is snowing and i am not only accompanied by works but also by a hot choco with marshmallow on top. ;p *i love to dream a little.

. tonight love .

this baby is so gorgeous!

. charlotte olympia .

. random love .

. mulberry . jimmy choo . charlotte olympia .

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

. お誕生日おめでとうございます, mega! .

happy mega birthday! yay! today is mega's birthday. one of my hard working and humble friend from 3dsense. her stuff are really nice! i wish her the best. >.< so she can stay here in singapore. *wish wish wish *finger crossed.

at last, after year(s) of waiting and fighting. i am going to bare a graphic designer title! yay!!! thanks Lord! You are really good. eversince i was graduated from raffles, i have been waiting for the day to see my occupation as a designer. awww!!! blog, i really do feel happy. eventho i am not feeling well, yet i still brought up all my energy, walk to my new office with big smile to greet my new boss and colleagues! that was real great! i don't wish to disappoint them i'll treat my job as my little baby girl and boy. yeah, they are twin ;p (out of topic lols)

ok, need to rest! for the marathon. if i still can make it :(

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

. am going home .

am going back to my second home! yeah, going back to singapore to start a new adventure again. :) hummm hummm but my body isn't in a bad condition, again! :( i am not feeling well. why now!!!! why not last week??? huff only few days before the DAY!!! quick quick hurry get well soon :)

i remember the last time i came back to indo. a guy was in like with me. funny, i came back here and going back there with a mind that i have to get over him :) it's ok. i tell my self. not to worry. the best is yet to come. love is not a real big deal. work is the big thing for me now :) finishing the short video for my two lovely friends and focusing on my work.

blog, here are few of my funny pictures that i took. ahha. remember, my friend natalia... she did the hair do and the make up. she is a make up artist. wooogh! i have 2 lovely make up artist friends ;D and hmm indeed i didn't look that bad ;p

. loving my polish nails .

. leia-look .

i really love the curly frizzly hair do and the leia-look and of course loving the eyes! pardon me, for being narcissism

Monday, May 23, 2011

. i like .

i love love love johnny hartman voice. i am so going to grab his cd from that cd shop :)

. gaspard ulliel .

Thursday, May 19, 2011

. おめでとう 私の先生 .

huaaaa!!! rina kuma sensei is married! such a gorgeous bride, yeah!! :) omedetou, sensei!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

. hum a little hum .

. popia party! beibeh! .

. don't blame me, my dad and mom requested it .

. flood yo .

. yeah! hermes palace! funneh! really! .

a friend bought me chicaron from the philippines. ugh! i love it. ahhaha i love everything about porky. lols, but the difference between chicaron that i get from dave and this is the fatty oil still there and i don't really like to eat that. but this one, the one below without fats. naice! i sneak this in to my room without my mom and dad knowing. lols and i ate them without anyone knowing as well! ahah! tell you, this is sinful and tasty but bad for your health -.-" i got choked. bad bad.

. have i ever tell you i love seafood so much? .

lots of laugh here at my house. mom and dad keep on doing stupid stuff. you know, blog. today my dad did a really stupid thing. he fool around with a sticky note, he stick it on his forehead and he forget to take it down. til on of his worker asked him "what is that on your forehead" o.O" dad dad... he is full of nonsense. but still he is the fierce one. huuuu

. huff huff .

heya, blog! how are you? :) i am absolutely fine and i'd like to shake shake butt until morning ;p huff but i am lil bit pissed (okay, figuratively) when i loged in to my fb and found that person posted up a farewell video (well, everyone have a right to do so) but not him >.< because sound of music is my fave! sigh! i dislike that. using those lovely song. ugh! bleah! geezz!

okay, i dont hold any grudge or whatsoever i still feel lil pissed. that's all. because i forgive him. so, in return. i have this song!

Monday, May 16, 2011

. woosh .

blog blog... it is painful for someone you love to said mean thing about you. but all for our own good no? huff... okay, move on. be it so :) i don't want to be that weird crazy girl. i do mean it this time. this few days being with my momma and pop and also my grandmama makes me feel so so so happy! thanks God to bring me my parents and my sisters. i told my mom " ma, i am grateful that i had two sisters" i really do mean it. only three of us here at home so quiet.

lots of things happening those one week. happy, sad, even shocking! geezz!!! really! welcome to my hometown. where lots of scenes happening. lols. i saw 3 shocking scenes.

anyway, i had fun! went to run, lake toba, driving again!, eat lots of food, meeting my grandmama, sleep together with her holding hand. hahaha. that was fun!

here you go blog, pictures!

. doddling while studying .

. the yummiest curry! .
. old text book .

yeap! we are going to lake toba! but before that, we are going to visit my lovely dearest grandmama ;) on our way, i watched korean drama lols! i love that guy on the screen hahaha

we reached grandmama home, i feel sad. my grandpapa isn't here anymore :(

. some dolls from my grandmama's room .

because of the last minute going to lake toba, the hotel room is full! huff, but this room is not too bad! :)

. my dad woke me up just to watch this view, he says " wake up! or the scenery is going to sleep soon" i don't understand that and i just woke up.

. funny my dad and my grandmama have the same pose .

here you go this is lake toba, blog.

. lols! i saw this very interesting object! GUR CI sunglasses tag ;p .

. people selling fruits .
. isn't village life nice? :) .

. the fisherman ready to catch those fishes, my dad stop the car and bring me down to look at them closer.

. people in the village dry fishes .

on our way home we drop at few places where we can find wild monkeys hanging on the trees, standing on the road side.

. monkey monkey! we gave banana to those monkeys! excited! .
. don't laugh at me but i found it interesting with nowadays technology the camera is attached on the back of the car, it shows grid like some sort of perspective when you change it to reverse mode the camera is on.

after we reached medan (my hometown) my dad get our car to the auto car wash woohooo i always love it.
. yes, i love auto car washing. i feel like i am inside a giant washing machine .
. i mistook that white thingy as rubbish hanging on the tress but those actually birds, pretty birds .
. am so in love with my dad's dr. m i told him and he strike a pose .
. rujak .
. sate padang.