Thursday, January 28, 2010


recently i learned something about imperfection. i wish i can fill in the imperfection of someone that i care. coz because of that imperfection, everything become so real. because of that imperfection everything become so beautiful. =) peoples are imperfect, that's why they need someone to fill in the imperfection then everything will seems so perfect. well, of course you will find flaws on it but who cares when you find your own perfectly perfect life. people always make fun of me with saying that all i care is love, i love to day dreaming about something that impossible to happen. well, sometimes i questioned myself. am i did a wrong thing? well i know there are lots of things more necessary than this bed time stories. but.... will you feel happy without love? =D

*nobody is perfect in this world.

zip a dee doo dah =D

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


sharing a song again and again~~ =D
just realized i have this song on my ipod and i just love this song! it's so cute and funny.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

team slackers!

all the best for the production!! =D

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the trick to life is laughing

a friend of mine shared this quote with me... "I think the trick to life is laughing and trying not to take be to serious and taking things as they come, if you stress too much it really does drag you down." I began to think... think like how winnie the pooh thinks =p think, think and think.

What he was saying is true... well sometimes... But as i think again, if we keep laughing and trying not to take whatever it is seriously as it comes, wouldn't it be like we are avoiding whatever that came to us? Like what i've done over and over again? Things keep repeating without solutions and without answers. Well maybe this is just my opinion coz right now i'm having a little problem that i should have solved long ago. But i kept avoiding and ignoring the reality, and just like what the quote says "laughing and trying not to take things seriously" because i always tell myself that one day i will get the answer, the answer that i wanted to hear. But when? i think i've already gotten the answer but i just pretend that that wasn't the real answer. Hmmm it's so complicated!

But yeah that's true.... if i stress too much it really does drag me down. Hahahah in the end what that quote says is correct! be happisis! =D and think of the solution later~ live the life as there is no tomorrow =p

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010

perfectly perfect

i am listening to cinderella song =) perfectly perfect. I wonder... when can i sing my perfectly perfect song >.<. Hahahaha again i'm day dreaming but i don't care i love to do that =) Hihihi remember what cinderella said, she found true love coz she kept the beautiful dream in her heart. Well yeah she have her mouse friends who can sew and fairy godmother who can do magic with Biddibbi Bobbiddi Boo. Hmmm i wish i have one hahaha but of course not her mouse friends, but fairy godmother. =p

too bad i'm not living inside a story book. sigh~ i need to say hello to the real world. ahahhaha >.<" the real and confusing world. it's okay i'll definitely find my own book and story to write. eventho it's not now but i believe that day will come. Hmm coz seems like i don't have the key to nutcracker prince's door =)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


why are people always afraid to say and do something they want to do? hmm they just keep it inside their heart and keep questioning themselves about this and that. I actually have lots of things i want to do and say which make my mind go round and round. But i just keep it for myself. This is part of being human ahhhaha they have flaws and weaknesses =). Hmm maybe that's because i'm too afraid of reality and the answer that i might get. I'm uncertain about how this dream will end; whether the ending will be a happily ever after or just something else. It's a bittersweet dream but i still love to carry this little dream along with me and hope that "biddibbi bibbiddi boo" will happen to me one day. Okay i'll put this in my new year resolution list =) I wish that this year, a lot of things will get better and happier. And i wish the same for you too (*again whoever reads this junk =p) i have no idea why i wrote this =.= ahhaha

Friday, January 1, 2010

messa wish you happy new year!

i'm so happy =) i finally found jar jar binks toy hahaha. well actually it's a piggy bank. It's so hard to find jar jar's stuff. According to my friend that's because noone loves jar jar binks >.<". well, i don't care i love him hahaha. he is so quite hmm although sometimes i felt he look quite scary but he is so funny and cute! =p

Messa wish you happi new yer!

*>.<" i don't know why i can't posted jar jar binks pic here >.<