Friday, September 30, 2011

. pumpin yo .

cool song! shared by hendra

blog, i am in a confusion! always in. humph! silly and ridiculous one. help me! oh! *slap

Thursday, September 29, 2011

. dream a little dream .

blog, i have no idea whatsoever but i feel happy :) like really happy. almost like before i get hurt. :) i guess i need to give disney and strawberry shortcake all the credits. sounds silly yeah. sounds kiddish yeah. but who cares? noone.

. burp .

oh so unglam. but who cares. i kept on burping -.-" not a very proud statement. ahhh! this tummy still full of ramen. i can feel this body feel a lil bit guilty from "the almost everyday eat so much!" oh boy oh boy! blog, today i feel a lil bit weak. but strange, when i ran, i ran quite in a consistent pace and not too slow. which is i feel happy! while i was running i feel strong and happy. but after finishing. oh boy, i feel light headed and i wish i have sweet with me. i feel lil suffocated yeah! hummph. hate this weak side of me. not cool! and after that. me and running friends went to eat ramen champion again! oh! that bowl of tetsu ramen is great! def vote for that. haha!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

. hanna .

before i start the day with work. i usually will do some read thru articles to inspire me for the day! yay! and oh boy isn't this cute by saori komatsu reminds me of hanna... i don't know why! haha

blog, am i fool or what. my knee hurts a little bit still.. but i want to run. don't want to be weak! have to be strong. may be just jog lightly. watever.. i might go to check up next week if papa isn't busy that week. and oh man! i can't wait for cable skiing on15 with friends! :D

Monday, September 26, 2011

. knee kissed .

i can do this on my own. everybody hurts someday, and my someday passed. i get hurt and i will let noone to hurt me again. that i promise myself!

blog, i don't want to be a cry baby but my knee hurts this time double hurts. i tripped down while running. thanks God i didn't sprained my ankle. sometimes i feel a lil bit scared. what if my knees are really weak :( will i sit on the rolling chair when i am an old lady? i don't want that :( i always tripped eversince i was a lil kid til now. can't this knee feel tired of it? seems like it really likes to kiss the ground. aaaah~ *am compressing my knee. yeah right!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

. new chapter .

. yes, it is indeed a love story .

okay, before my beloved sandy and heny's house warming.. let me shared some pictures that i took during the wedding. :( okay.... i realized i didn't take much picture. not even with my lovely reckless ericka the creative dress from my dad. humph! some of the pic i stole from my friends. what to do. i have no time to snap. but just adoring how heny is so beautiful! and how sandy is okay.. handsome but not too much (ko, dont whack me! my mom said i can't tell lie) hahahaha! nah, they both looked gorgeous!

. 男だな .

woooO!!!! i proved it! i am the man. otoko da na watashi! :D last few days i just went to eat ramen champion with my friends. never visited ramen champion before until my friend suggested it. i am like.... "excited"! coz, i've been seeing my friends posted pictures of ramen champion on facebook. so yeah! the ramen that i ate before... am sorry i forget the name but it is the one at the back. nice!! love the noodles. today, i went back to office just for watching alfred hitchcock psycho with friends. nice show! we wanted to watch more of hitchcock show :) after that we went to ramen champion again!! and this time i ate bario. according to my friend, that is very filling and the most sinful one. how can it not be? the fats that contains from the meat. ahh!!! and the oily soup. phew! i skipped that one last time, i think that is too much for me. but indeed because of my love to foods. i can't resist it and today i must try! watever i don't care if it is sinful. i'll run for it. haha. indeed i ate it. four of us had it. and i finished all of that. just because i want to see the 男だな words! how silly is that? yeah! i told you i rule the retard world so why can't i be? hahaha. and yes, i finished the whole thing including the oily soup. i never ever want and like to finished soup of watever noodle are they. but only because of the word. i did it! now, i am the man yo!

Friday, September 23, 2011

. and one for all .

hummm updated from the earlier post :( there is no fwb tonight :( not showing yet. i am so sure that it is showing on 22 october :( but no... it didn't show. it's alright and yay! finally! people won't see me holding, carrying, flipping, reading the thick book anymore :D. i have finished it! my friend said i abused my books. yeah, i love to abused them! ahah that's how i show my love. abuse it! :D yet, this is not my fave book. not inspiring enough for me... :) but i love how the friendship is so strong. i want to have friends like the three honorable musketeers! all for one and one for all! i miss my lovely friends!

. nuf ot lleps rdawkcab .

golb!!!!! siht gninrom i dah a dab ekaw pu llac!!! ym ymmut mrala gnar! ooooooh! os lufniap! ecnis yadretsey thgin! i toht i saw gnimaerd tub ti emac evila! haa!!

mai os deticxe!!! annog hctaw dneirf htiw stifeneb thginot (:

ho! ym ymmut struh niaga!!! "-.-

Thursday, September 22, 2011

. knee pop .

. love this picture. beautiful! stole it from tumblr :p .

finally, start to run again yesterday. nice workout. but i think i hurt my knee more :( hurt the knee during running. i stopped for few times just to relax the knee. i am kinda worried :x. a friend said i am stupid. i shouldn't have to hurt my body. he said, i shall have cardio work out which i shall run in a speed for 20 minutes. if i run far it can only hurt my knees. yeah, i think he is correct. i got to try that next time :) run for only 20 minutes. and i want to learn tennis! :D

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

. today love .

okay, i was working and for a break i went to my google reader as usual, try to stuff my small brain with something beautiful and inspiring. look what i found! mary katrantzou so talented a lady. love her collection. love the patterns and prints. i wish to wear one of them :)

and also i must post this. i love clements ribeiro so talented this husband and wife are. hmm i wish to have husband who appreciate art as well. ;p *too far away sisca *slap okay. yeah, i love the museum of everything project. so cute the jogger prints and also the dress. i am in love with them! oh boy how i wish i am living in the world of art! where people dress creatively and beautifully.

. contact .

at last! i have watched contagion yesterday. been wanting to watch it eversince i saw the poster everywhere around bus stops. i like it eventho lots of people might said the story is so so and boring. i enjoy the movie. i mean i think this is what happened in a real life. i hope people will start to aware about the hygiene. thanks God i am not a hygiene freak. i am not a super neat freak as well. unlike my mom and dad ;p but thanks God that both my parents are. ahahha. i do not like to share drinks or food with others, no offense tho. i just do not like it. even when i eat with mom and dad we will use different spoon for dishes. but humm... i have closed one eye when i came here. don't want to hurt others feeling but refusing food when they ask or i always feel guilty if i drink in a same straw with others. -.-" and when i am on the bus, i don't feel like touching anything. yes, i am a junior freak. anw, yeah i enjoy the movie!

apart from that, i've been reading musketeers again. yes, i always carry the book with me wherever i go. because of the business and lack of sleep past few months, i didn't really get to enjoy the book. but recently, i read them again diligently. i promise myself i am going to finished it by this week. so i can continue reading other books. :) still, it is hard for me to say about this three musketeers book. few times i feel disappointed with the character. but again i am afraid to judge them before it ended. but i dare to say Buckingham is my favorite.

Monday, September 19, 2011

. just one .

humph sigh!! my skin is getting bad again :( eversince 3dsense year my skin is bad! i miss my "un-scar" face :( now pimppie always came out. humph... recently, i started to worry about my skin. thanks to mom for giving me skII eye cream will use it every night! so my eyes won't be a panda eye anymore. thanks Lord i don't have puffy eyes! Daddy, it will be nice if my pimppies all gone forever. ahh!!! that's what i am asking for now... haha and i wish my skin is smooth as tofu but i don't want it to be as white as mr cullen and as fury as mr jacob -.- no no!

*i am sorry i forget where i get the picture -.-" can't give credit

. wappi .

blog, i am so wappii!!!! i baked with friends at my place :D happi baking together. so awesome! so fun! i will post the photo when i go back home. blog, as you know i was very happi after heny and sandy's wedding. never felt this happy before but something made me feel sad again, but now i don't give a glace for the unhappiness. at least i try, coz i know i have tons of better things to do and i have friends that love me and won't say meanie things about me :) be happi again yo! brought the cakes to the office today. people loves it! guess 8 of us must be proud need to thanked the master of patisserie.

ow yeah blog, as you now again... i am a bit clumsy sometimes.. well, okay everytime. that was why my parents were worried when i first came here. clumsiness happened at heny and sandy's wedding. ahhh! funny. but that's a memory :D and -.-" sometimes i just don't like myself. coz i tend to say something stupid and clowny and bleah! when i get nervous and don't know what to say -.-" sisca, you are dumb dumb! aaaah!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

. stupid kind .

promise my friend am not going to give a damn about what happened yesterday morning. but i still i can't just let it go in a one snap. remember the time when there was a guy who try to fought so hard for me and convinced me that he'll take good care of me and never let me down? yeah, and at the end without me doing anything wrong he accused me of standing on his way and he went all haywire. that itself, i try to get over it. what can i do? God gave me a tough life and challenge to deal with this kind of people. one is enough and now there is another one. accusing me of ruining her relationship without me knowing what happened exactly. can you believe it? screaming, yelling, the f word flying all over my ears from her mouth. God knows what was going on. thanks that i have a good friend with me and i have a good God with me. i am disappointed as well, for both of them acclaimed themselves as children of God. i am not here to judge people but i pity them. never in my life i am so angry and upset. if i can i won't forgive them but i have kindest God and nicest God i will try to forgive them.

Friday, September 16, 2011

. mad .

madness happened in the middle of my morning happiness! geez! i hate people screaming, yelling, scolding most of all accusing me for what i didn't do. what is happening to this world yo!

i don't care anymore! am going to watch movie later! sigh!

. mad over u .

been drooling over this leopard saw one at pedder red. should i get one? hummm

Thursday, September 15, 2011

. mixer .

hummm blog, i have a little mix emotion... may be i am too happy and too dramatic sometimes. ;p sigh~ i hate it. i better remain calm and keep quiet! or i'll scare people away. haha!

. overly joy .

wooohooo blog! i am overjoyed. i couldn't stop but keep thanking Lord for what He have done. it is nothing for everyone else, but it means something to me. to finished the wedding clip for my dearest friends heny and sandy. to hearing the crowd clapping, laughing and even shed a tear because of the simple wedding clip. what can i say? i feel happi and grateful. regardless what have happened to me. the disappointment and the hard time making the video. thanks for the support from friends for being there for me when i needed them. woo! it sounds so drama but i am really happy, you have no idea how a simple video and claps can make a person feel happy for days... :D by a request from this lovely couple. i have created a happisis studio page on facebook. as you know blog, i have no confidence or whatsoever to create this page. who am i to wish people will like the page. i am scared. scared of the judgement. haha. i am a coward. yes. but thanks to heny, sandy. i did it. :) i wish this page to grow more. doing better with the projects and bringing happiness to others. thanks Lord. You are awesome!

Here is the wedding clip. enjoy!

oh yeah, since a friend of mine asked me. why i didn't put the one who did the effect name, yes. he refused to! i need to tell you blog, i can't finished this video without him. he help me with the effects and he is shaunik :) and oh, the song too. since this is a HAPPISIS STUDIO PRODUCTION, it doesn't matter who did it yeah? it can be 10 of us or 100 of us. what matters is we bring smile to people who watch it. thanks, shaun to help me in my stressful and hard to please time! *it's okay yeah i mentioned your name here! hahaha. since noone will read it!

and here is the link for the HAPPISIS STUDIO ;p

la la la la la la la la la la la *smurfalicious!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

. tchaikovsky .

blog, i can't sleep. what should i do? yes! listening to tchaikovsky!!!! my fave!! :D when i listen to his music, my heart feel joy and am happy. feel fun and peace. lols! esp. nutcracker. i feel christmas. uh la la~

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

. home .

blog, a lil bit mix emotion! am listening to beautiful disaster. feel mellow and all. recall the disappointment :) sucks yeah! days are getting better, i always wear the ring that the lovely couple gave me. to kill the blue devil! but sometimes the blue devil way too smart and tricky. they manage to escape. not all not alot but a little bit. even that little bit devil will ruin the night! sigh!

we love compliments are we not? honestly i love compliments too. but i am afraid of compliments. coz yeah "she swears that there's no difference between the lies and compliments. it's all the same if everybody leaves her" aaah!!! blue devil!

. it's a love story .

blog!!! how are you? i just reached home! my tiny little happisis studio. bleeee! i had a wonderful weekend! lovely, magnificent, brilliant, gorgeous, yes yes am over say it. but indeed. sandy and heny wedding was lovely and awesome. thanks Lord for that! hurray!!!! i don't even have time for the scarlet letter that i brought for the trip. i can't even finished the three musketeers. too tired. exhausted i shall say and yet. i have energy to blog about this. haha! as you know, i went there alone by coach! wooohooo am the man now! (sheep! i told you i am! a brave man. i shall try to be a musketeer!) i ended up sleeping on the coach and watching curious george while abandoning my book. still have more books queueing up. and am excited to read them all! okay, cut the crap!

so.. the wedding was awesome. the loveliest ever. i couldn't imagine. two of my loveliest, beautiful, handsome, nice, whatever you can think of sister and brother married now! they are my favourite. i sees them as my big brother and big sister. love them very much and proud of both of them. as in really! i was crying and couldn't stop but feel so happy for them. for me to be part of their wedding prep and helper. i am most honoured. ow yeah! how can i forget! the video!!! "it's a love story" video. i think people loves it!!!!!! wooohoooo! my first ever clip for 200 over people almost 300 people. can u believe it? am feel so happi! but for me as long as the two newly wed couple happi, i feel joy!

i met some new friends and people. that was fun too :) uugh, never thought a wedding is so tiring! i want to have a simple small wedding please, just at the garden with tchaikovsky music playing and also little kids carrying my flower and veil. okay, *slap! sisca, please stop. now, go to bed!

in case you don't know.. my lovely blog, your friend here confirm is a clumsy fella! always tripped down, make fool of herself and do stupid thing! heck, care yeah! can't this be my unique style? who cares what people said. even dali says don't be afraid of imperfection. am not perfect and that's the fun part. will upload some pictures and of course! the video for the world to see (who cares with my blog yeah? okay, i only love to type. with crappy english and grammar. again, who cares!) *smoooooch! HAPPI WEDDING!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

. wooohooo! .

blog blog am so excited! but also nervous. :p am excited because, sunday is going to be a memorable day for my lovely sister and brother! heny and sandy. yes, they are getting married! wooohooo!!! *cheer cheer and also tomorrow okay technically, later at 10 am i'll be leaving singapore and going to malaysia! coz the venue is there. for the first time, i'll be travelling by coach alone! i never done that before. aeroplane? yes! i've travelled lots of times alone and nothing to worried. but the fact that i'll be on the road with people whom i don't even know for few hours. bleah! let's just enjoy it! hahaha. my mom and dad disagree that i am taking coach. they insisted to purchased a flight ticket for me. but nah! for the first time, i want to be brave and travel alone. kinda excited! hahaha okay, so that's what caused me nervous! and the other one is. oh mi gosh!!! the video that i did for heny and sandy is going to be play on a big screen projector. 300 people will witness that! *finger crossed!

i have bought few books for the trip. a sacret letter and two other charles dickens books. wooohooo! am going to finished the dumas on the coach, the coach supposed to be so comfy with a facility like a first class flight! better be good. :p i will try not to fall asleep! haha! i am excited and nervous once again!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

. click clock .

. wooo! love the design of this nikon coolpix p300, may be this can be my target instead of the leica that i can never afford to buy T_T .

. love love love them! .

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

. the awesome sheep .

say wooooot yo blog! i am so happi! just watched the video that i've been working on for favorite couple's wedding. yes, tough days and nights. phew! and thanks to shaun the sheep for helping me! i couldn't stop but keep on saying thanks yo! and he hates it. hahahaha! love love love the outcome! can i for the first time be proud of my self? okay, just a tiny bit... please?? :) ahhh! can't wait but to show heny and sandy. :) i hope they loves it as i do. *smoooch

Monday, September 5, 2011

. uh oh! .

love love caro emerald :D uh, i want to find my doctor too with the hand like superman lols!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

. ummmmm .

i am so in love with soap and glory!!! i never really get so excited about my shower gel. it always johnson and johnson. yeap, my friends be it girl or boy... they said i am not a true girl. guess, people did change! thanks for sephora and soap and glory now i love myself more and more ;p okay, that is too much. lols! i went in and out sephora so many times but never really look at stuff. mostly because my friends wanted to buy make up stuff. yesterday, i was bored and wandering around, feel like giving myself a lil reward and treat myself better and i spotted the pink and catchy products. i bought stuff for their packaging and pictures ha! it ended up just standing on the same spot somewhere in my room or toilet ;p but for this one, nah! i am using them... yes, i just bought their shower gel and body lotion, since my mademoiselle lotion is going to finished soon (me sorry i ditched you before you finished, dont worry i still love my coco lotion) i just couldn't wait but try it right away! now i smell so nice! i might going back to sephora just to grab the other products. *smoooch! because of jul i have a cute pinkish gloves for showering! feel so clean and smell nice!

tomorrow, i am going to try my new burt's bee shampoo ;p i've been using kerastase before i came here to study and now working. they are great but i want to try something else. ;p love the catchy branding too ;D

. great day .

yay! for the moment, busy days are over!!! i know, it won't be for long (it is not like i hate being busy, i love it!) ahhaha get to work and be better! okay, so today i have a fabulous day! ah... aside from my dad scolded me for eating fried potato :( and i missed heny's bachelorette party. went to have brunch, tea time, lunch, shopping!! with my beloved papa mama and sisters! happi day! yet, i still don't know, why lots of people love twg tho.. sorry no offence, i love the tin boxes and the design of the place, the interior is awesome and cutlery and all are pretty too... aside from those i still prefer tea cafe :) kinda feel disappointed over the dirty cutlery that they serve *boo yo! and at last, we tried high society cafe! love that place :) always love "that cd shop". bought some of the high society albums and still loving them. uh la la!!! i had again, what else my fave seafood! lols! i had yum lobster au gratin. oh my, the food there are good :) geez!! i thot i promise myself no more seafood for this week and next week! please mister cholesterol don't get near me :( i ate too much seafood these days! oh yeah, and kfc too! -.-"

. mama and papa .

. lil chef and super mom .

. lovely nobo and papa .

. dunno why, but i love this. hahaha! i want my future husband as awesome as my dad! thanks God i broke up and single. i still have time to sit back relax enjoy time and scanning thru the candidates :p .

. ow yeah .

. lobster au gratin, yum! .

after that, i went to meet up with the sheep :) he helped me with the wedding video effects! ah!!! loving it! love the editing and all! you did a good job sheep! i am so happy! thanks for the hard work!!! :) gonna post it soon after the wedding :)

oh yeah, i forget to showing off!!! i got a nice sketch from one of the senior character animator from dreamworks, morgan kelly. sat thru the dailies with all the tip animators for few days, taking notes. those days were awesome and i did learn stuff. thanks! i think for me, it is still a long way to go til i can be as awesome as my fella colleagues! all awesome artist :)

. thanks, morgan .

God is good, all the time! i am ready for the next busy - ness!!! :D bring it on, yo!

Friday, September 2, 2011

. oh le ih oh .

huaaa! blog. i am so tired these day. like, really tired. i would want a nice music, with a fluffy cushion ahh and pot of tea with nama choco... how i wish yeah! okay, so yesterday night i was relaxing. after work, i went to orchard just to get the yohji book. ugh! i thot there is a discount at kino :( just figure it out it is only happening at bugis kino. aaaaah i have to hold the temptation. but not to worries. i wanted to reward myself a nice grey adidas base ball jacket. which i've tried it on and it looks good on me! i never wanted a jacket so much! but guess what! i was and still upset til now. they don't have it anymore :( not even at other shop. no book, no jacket. *depress! i ended up buying a cute "sad face" captain cat pencil from wood would! it is so cute that it reduces my sadness :) oh, i spotted a cute jinggling toy for lil kid. it reminds me of my lady boss who is going to give birth soon. so i get one for the baby. so cute that i wish i am the baby. haha! i get something for my dad too. national geographic documentary dvd. dad loves it! :) now i feel happy! but still thinking about the jacket :( was thinking to wear it when i am travelling to kuala lumpur next week for heny and sandy's wedding. but too bad :(.

isn't this cute? i hope the baby loves it!
aye aye cat captain! i used to have lots of wooden pencil with cute top and wooden pen with cute design. i just love wooden stuff! i wish my house made of wood. haha!
jen's birthday today! yay! happi birthday!!! she is my youngest sister's friend. she is cute and funny.

birthday girl! isn't she lovely? she supposed to still wearing her pyjamas.

uh! i love this bebe dress. love the design yeah... tried it on but not buying it.
really loves it!