Saturday, July 31, 2010

.another birthday from my beloved dve12.

i was happi no i am happi still happi! coz of my 3dsense buddies! they just know what i want ahhahaha. nice indonesian dinner, mickey music statue as you can see, cute luggage, umbrella (coz they said totoro need an umbrella), soft toy that look like totoro. but the most important thing is they were all there celebrate my birthday! well, except 2 guys =( one is in indonesia and the other one is having wedding dinner. i feel lucky to have them. they just know how to make me feel happi! =D love them! thank you guys! *muah

Friday, July 30, 2010

.chibi totoro.

i'm 23 now! yay! older than yesterday! i am so excited about a lot of things like , what? what is going to happen next? will i get my dream job? when? when can i travel to the west? i miss marsha!!! where? where is my iphone4? well, i am lazy to queue there but i reserve online. sigh waiting for any further email notification. why? why i am so hungree right now?

chibi totoro and chu totoro
they are totoro's companion. they are smaller version of totoro and they are also guardians of the forest

i tell you! whoever you are. i had fun last night! thanks to silly old pooh bear, who has a big tummy!!! (he still doesn't want to admit it) who bring me to nice dinner, not so nice movie and out of tunes birthday song. he was trying so very hard to made me smile and laugh and he is so talkative. but yet i was in my cool mode. he said i am nonchalant! hah! i don't even know what is that. don't care *bleee but i had fun last night and he got me chibi totoro!!! chibi totoro!!! well, i asked for medium size teddy or bunny tho *eye rolling. but, it's okay i forgive him, since he shows an effort to find me soft toy. yeah, i told him to get me a soft toy. and he says of all the things, you only want a soft toy???? WHAAA??? i can't? sigh. what's wrong with soft toys. they are soft and they are toys. hahaha. anyway i love the chibi totoro it's so fluffy, white and cute. soon it will become grey. but i can't hug it!!!!! sigh!! and bonus point for the nutcracker wrapper. you did a good job! i'll upload the pic once i took the picture. *humm my 3dsense classmates call me totoro as well. they said i am big and round like totoro. ahh, may be they are trying to say that i am cute! ahhahahahha. blee

Thursday, July 29, 2010


i just realized how lucky i am. hmm may be i am being so emotional today, because of all the wishes and greeting. but i feel much more better 500 times better and 500 times happier. i am blessed with all my friends around me, my sisters, my mom and dad and my dearest grandma. oh, how i miss her. love you guys! and for z who is never been my 'real' friend but i am so glad that i know him, he always be my victim to all the nag and all the sad sis mode.

.happibirthday happisis.

nyaha! i am 1 year older than yesterday. hmmm~ lots of stuff happening on the last page of my 22 chapter of life. got to be better this year and happier oh, how i wish =) and i know it is going to be better.

i'd like to thanked my buddies for the little but big bday celebration! oh, how i love them =)
hummm eventho i am lonely at home but i didn't feel lonely at all. all because of them and their wishes.
thanks my mom and dad to have me in this beautiful world
ah~ disney songs on my lonely night at home and i love it.

biddibbi bobbiddi boo

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


aww isn't this cute? sweetheart


i want to have my own story to write

Monday, July 26, 2010

.my doodle.


never learn, never listen, ill tempered,vindictive, unable to hold more than one feeling at a time but helpful and kind to Peter


my head is B L A N K. but still i want to write. i am sisca and i am sad! so sad right now that i need the happi injection!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

thanks z for always listen to my this this and that that

Friday, July 23, 2010

joke of the year i told him. LOL

i watched home alone 1 and 2 yesterday, brings back memory. feel like i was a little girl again. i always love the scene where kevin went to duncan's toy store. humm i wish that is real! big huge toy store. it is like heaven for kids. i suddenly have a thought. i want to own a big huge toy store that sparkling like that. all kids will come and play. mmm wait.. how about children book store? heheh just like shop around the corner from "you've got mail". where there is a play and story telling girl. yay! i want to be the one who tells the story. hmm or may be magical toy store from
"mr.magorium's wonder emporium". that will be so cool! can you imagine all the toys will alive. you don't need to wait until uncle drosselmeyer to come and you don't need to wait till midnight just like nutracker prince story... this is confusing. hmm or how about choco factory like willy wonka? aaaa... i gotta stop my wild imagination!but whatever it is this is always been my little dream... at least i can do something for the kids. that is the most amazing thing to do. *slap stop day dreaming

just like Walter Elias Disney

trapped in between
feel stuffy
smells the open air



Wednesday, July 21, 2010


hummm. i miss mom and dad now. hate to be sick and hate the fact that i am alone at home >.< makes it double lonely and scared. just feels like noone there to take care of you. and you missed your chance to be a little baby again. hahaha hummm how i wish i am still a little girl, they'll cut me fruits, feed me porridge, checking on your temperature and kiss you on your forehead. gaahh i miss my dad.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

.sweet moment.

breakfast at tiffany's

.whoa! those are work of art!.

alexis mabille
nina ricci

those by young filipino designer kermit tesoro i found it from here and here

this by japanese artist noritaka tatehana found it from this blog

whoa!!! i love love and love!