Wednesday, August 31, 2011

. bla bla bla bla bla .

my zits making a come back!!!!! *danger danger danger! i hate it! humph.... lack of sleep these days working on friend's wedding illustration. this will be the first and the last. thanks to scooby doo! to help me out with the lil effects. thanks to encourage me throughout this. unlike someone else who lose faith in me before i tried. *sucks yo. receiving help from other is not that nice for i feel uneasy, i am not very easy to pleased. i've been trying to work on my own every now and then. i came to singapore with noone but my luggage. i went to raffles design institute with noone but my notebook, pen and pencil. i am proud of the fact that i still can survive! how dare people said i am too dependent. how dare people said i am spoilt kid and i can't survive on my own. *angry. yes, how dare! i work my ass off to gain what i have today. eventho it is small but i am proud of myself. i look childish behave like a kid and all. but i am independent. it is my personality alright? what is wrong with that? sigh~

am sorry blog, i got carried away *calm down calm down. okay, so yeah! i am tired, lack of sleep, lots of pressure, lots of responsibility, lots of stress. i need some air. these few months being insane. but i actually feel happy about it. okay, i complain but mostly because of the existence of my pimples! this scars and pimples ruin my skin. i hate hate hate! i miss my smooth clean skin on my face :( *friend said, laser but laser, i need whole lots of blinks! sigh!!! what will our ancient do when they have this problem? without going thru the laser process? please drop me a recipe from the sky! i need it. hoaaaaaah! it would be great if even you work late, not enough sleep and all but you still get to maintain the healthy skin. humph!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

. when you get a hit on the spot .

i am listening to lady antebellum - when you got a good thing. it means nothing to me right now. but it makes me finally realized, realized why i think love sucks. nah, it is nobody's fault. only because i gave all my heart, hope and dream to one guy, whom in the end betrayed me. say, i am a fool i put too much dreams and hope in one guy that i barely know and understand him as he me. but i dont think i am a fool. at least i am sincere, innocent enough to trust love, big hearted enough to gave him chances. isnt that the most beautiful thing? yes, it is and it is indeed hurt when u get betrayed by that big trust. u feel like this earth is going to collapse right in that moment and u cant possibly find happiness again. i was wrong. i can still find it one day, someday. not thru a guy maybe, but thru something else. now i kinda understand why i dont feel love and romance, not tiny lil bit. but still my heart hurt. the innocence and sincerity betray me. the trust hurt me big. still, i hope he is happy with what he have done. he feel satisfied with what he said. he feel succeed with what he achieved.

*am struggling with sweet romantic scene for friend's wedding illustration! what should i do yeah? -.-" sucks!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

. smack .

i never love to use lipstick or lip gloss or lip balm. okay, i love nothing on my lip! but i love to buy them be it because of the packaging or the prints or the cute smell. i saw paul frank lip smacker from watson. so cute that i cant resist not to buy! i ended up buying it. haha. they have the one in a round small tin too. shall i get that too? ;p yeap, i love tin!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

. waddup .

aaah! i am happy today! helping out taking notes for the animators ;D learning stuff. thanked my boss dave! ;D. i can't wait til the day i finished heny and sandy's wedding video! and i shall focus on my own stuff.... and need to save up money to buy that adidas base ball jersey. *in love with it! i look cool in that ;p and i need to slowly collect copic markers... and learn how to use them. i've been wanting a moleskine. hummm but moleskine is expensive for me. for someone who can't really illustrate well! i want to get that haha may be it will help me became a better artist! *don't mind me this is just my own thought! i want to stick lots of reference inside my moleskine... hmmm what color should it be? red? green? yellow? black? if only they have white! or grey! ;D i almost finished my muji sketch book... shall i buy? haha! oh, well! and that 82 dollars yohji yamamoto book that i've been eyeing!

i just published some of my work on ehhehe raymond, my friend encourage me to post them up. geeez! how can i compare my work with those artists. i never want to post my work there. hahaha i created the account just to get inspired by lots of awesome work from there. here eventho noone cares. ;p happisis

oh yeah blog, i am going to start collecting lots of cute and strange stuff. i need to get inspired and study more! :D

random! *the thing i hate the most is うそつき! だい きらい!!!! humph

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

. be awesome .

when i get sad, i stop being sad and be AWESOME (as always) instead!

wooo! i got this from Diglee's facebook. ah! how i miss the show. ahha barney stinson is the best!

Monday, August 22, 2011

. love .

ah, God please help me. i am so in love with tribal prints. everything about it so beautiful. no wonder i love lion king's stage costume. love them very much! i wish to shop again next month. for more tribal print tee and whatever!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

. random .

okay, i couldn't stop tailing people *read stalking. hummmph! what should i do. i wish social network isn't exist for a moment. it makes my heart wandering around and not focusing on the scenes that i supposed to finish by the end of this day. sisca, focus! okay. i will try. ;D

btw, went to watch cowboys and aliens on friday at the cathay. saw someone familiar was reading a book but we sneak away. *foolish

the sheep is proud of me! he said, because i was not emo-ing! ;D told you, i promise to focus on my life and not the dilly dally ;)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

. tgiw .

uh la la. i have a great morning! with that thing you do soundtrack + disney on record songs on the pod! :D okay, it's my sist pod and i hijacked it since she has her ipad and she abandoned the pod. ugh, how i miss my red pod nano :( wonder where is she now. please come back home to mama! so yeah, thanks to my tiny little sister for the everyday breakfast ;D as usual i love the breakfast. today breakfast is green peas + corns + chicken wrap! uh la la yummeh! *love you

ah! today is my granma bday. talked to her on the phone. she is still so cute! we gave each other kiss thru the phone. ahahah HAPPI BDAY GRANMAMA, I LOVE YOU AND I MISS YOU SO!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

. thanks paul .

thanks, paul frank to create julius and friends ;D i was stressed out today! yes, recently. you can ask the sheep, my little sist and my friend aza. i keep on spamming the sheep and terror the phone! like mad! ah!!! and i feel better now.. okay, mostly because i am going to meet up with julia and andy for seafood! yes, seafood save my day! and also the cheerie colors and fun characters from paul frank! i so wanted a paul frank watch. even my iphone button is julius! ;D

Monday, August 15, 2011

. missing you .

i am in love with my mom's estee lauder perfume. when i miss her i spray her perfume on me :D and it brings me back to the memories. i still remember how i adore each of the perfume bottles when i was a little kid. wish i can spray my own perfume. when my mom and dad sprayed their perfume, i'll stand closely hoping it stays a lil bit on me. how i miss that time. my first perfume is of course from anna sui "dolly girl" and so as my first ever designer that i love. that's a gift from my mom. i love to spray it but i was too afraid to finished it. my first perfume from my dad is by jean paul gaultier of course with the body shape bottle. it is so cute! aaahh~ my mom is a simple person. she doesn't like any make up and she dress really simple. she used to have lots of perfume but she hardly touch them.

my dad on the other hand, he love to "make-up" yeah, he can keep on changing his clothes again and again until he feels "handsome" ahha that's my cute dad. if we do traveling, he has the most stuff with him. he is such a cutie. oh yeah, his fave perfume now is narciso rodriguez for her. yeah, for her! he even loves to spray my mom's mademoiselle. guess, he just love the scent that my mom has. haha.

. today love .

. love juergen teller photograph for vivienne westwood campaign .

. skip a beat .

oh yeah, blog! keep on forgetting to share this song with you. i love love this song very much. watched letter to juliet another night and i love it. love can be sucks for me right now. it's okay. it's a matter of time, no? but i feel happi watever when i listen to this song.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

. watever watever .

this year lots of pressure, yeah! this year full of shit, yeah! this year full of sickness, yeah! this year full of unexpected stuff, yeah! but slowly, i think i get my confident back little by little. while i am working on this project. :) and when i have my sheep friend and stupid friend with me. i feel happier each day and i feel confident each time i met them. woooOhoooOOo!!!! who is the best? shaun and mikey is the best! lols! *shaun, read this coz i'll send you this link and better help me with the thing that you suppose to help me! *mikey, you prob never read this watever. lols! just a random stuff to post! :p

love you mom love you dad! miss you guys, SMOOOCH!

. inspiring toof .

my friend posted this and link it to me on facebook. i got inspired by the artist. she is talented. i enjoy the story of the milk toof. thanks,jen! *wink

Saturday, August 13, 2011

. better in a time .

had a great time with my 3 little sisters yesterday night :) and i am wearing the reckless ericka that they bought for me. aren't they sweetie? *love

. collapse .

found this impressive mister at flea market

. music kills the pain .

been eyeing for this muji cd player since last last year love!

Friday, August 12, 2011

. starstruck .

. love this smart .

. rolling rolling in the bed .

my so unproductive week. i've been sick and it is sucks. in love again with rolling in the deep.

love sucks but adele your song inspired me! ;)

Monday, August 8, 2011

a knave does not laugh in the same way as an honest man; a hypocrite does not weep the same tears as a man of good faith. all falsity is a mask, and however well made the mask is, one always manages, with a bit of attention,​ to distinguis​h it from a face.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

. pixie dust .

guess, i am still a little kid in heart. still longing to believe. i just finished watching "tinkerbell and fairy rescue" it makes my heart feel happy :) i am happy. thanks, disney :) as always disney makes my heart feel happier everytime!