Monday, December 28, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

do they know it's christmas

i was just relaxing and i started to turn on the tv, switched from channel to channel and i stopped at mtv channel when i heard to this song. It just touched my heart. Not being so drama but i felt blessed i have friends here with me, i have my lovely family, i have lots of great things happening to me every now and then. But i still felt sad and helpless, what can i do for those people out there who might be suffering right now, they don't have enough food to eat, they don't have warm house to stay, they don't have what i had right now. What they have is just a simple life. A greatest gift from God the breath to life. Living in a fear that when they would ran out of foods, where are they going to stay tomorrow,... I wish i could share my love with them. There's lots and lots of things outside this window that is very pain to be looked at. That not written in the 100 collections of fairy tales stories. What i can do is just a simple little voice of prayer. I also want to thank God to gave me such a wonderful life =) Merry Christmas everyone. Here i share a song that touched my heart. Love you all!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


another post for today =p. trying to improve my english >.< thanks gerald oni chan! hihi I can share my tots with all of u guys =) (yeah if anyone really bothers to read these pieces of junk) hhahahaha. I just came back from another magical and beautiful journey to the world of avatar. Those environment designs, the mystical feeling, the beautiful creatures, the glowing living things, etc. All of them were wonderful! Imagine the time spent making this movie so that we could enjoy these magical things. Thanks to those great people! Honestly speaking, when i saw the movie trailer i didn't really bother to watch it. Coz i wasn't really comfortable with the blue characters. But that was a huge mistake! haiz >.< I really wished that could go into that world =)

When i watched this movie, i also felt like i was in Hayao Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke =), another magical animation. I love Princess Mononoke aside from the bloody and gross stuff >.<" I remember the environtment that they had, the sacred tree and the Shishi Gami that tried to heal Ashitaka =D yeah it brings back memories =) i feel like watching it again.

Woops i can't really share lots about it here

we heart disney!

who doesn't love DISNEY? we have to thank Walt Disney for giving us a chance to enjoy our childhood dreams. It doesn't matter whether you are a kid or an adult =). When we talk about Disney, the things that come to mind are dreams come true, fairy godmothers, happily ever after, lots of love, magic and happiness that warms our heart. Well at least that's what i felt =p. That's goes for "The Princess and The Frog" as well. Such an entertaining movie. Just for a couple of hours i could forget all about economics, politics, wars, jobs, high technology and all the other things that people always talk about. Its a feeling that i miss but once again, Disney gave my mind a break and brought me into another magical 2d animation. Just look at Tiana who never gave up to make her dream come true, and Prince Naveene who was a lazy prince but because of what he went thru, learnt to became a better person =). Of course I won't forget about RAYmond who gave them hope. He was a very brave little creature who protected his friends. Who said a little person cannot gave people hope? See? Nothing is impossible in this life =) I love this movie; it's fun and contains lots of laughs. Even tho it's not as magical as my fav cinderella, it still warms my heart.


hihi my new bear =)

vector graphic by happisis

Friday, December 18, 2009

happi christmas everyone!

have a wonderful days everyone!
love, happisis!
vector graphic by happisis

Sunday, November 15, 2009

christmas is coming to town

christmas is coming to town again =). what a wonderful season! yay! i love christmas very much! hmmm but just like every christmas before this, i still haven't found my nutcracker prince yet hahaha. hey, but this year will be the most memorable christmas =) coz we are going to have a christmas party at michael's house =) (one of my classmates) on christmas eve. i'm so looking forward to that day. i could assume that this might be our last party party together as dve 12 =). Hmmm i have known them for almost 1 year now. we have been thru the happi, struggling, sad, busy, stressful days together! i am so happy that i have these classmates! hmmm but i wouldn't be able to spend my christmas eve with jul jul and other friends. hmmm that's bugging my head, >.< but hmmm i think they will understand. =) coz having christmas party with 3dsense fellas only will happen once >.< after this year everyone will start looking for jobs and we will be very busy. we might not be able to hang out together again. >.< haiz

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

we love vector graphics

all vector graphics by happisis

we love vector graphics

here are some of my vector graphic works =)
hope you guys like it *wink wink

all vector graphic by happisis

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

T_T but thanks to mickey =)

hmph.... tday just not my day! But hehehe Pink Mickey Mp3 save my day!!!! =) I felt really happi coz those sweet girls bought me this cute little mickey Mp3 player!!! Hohoho my red pod pod could take a break for awhile now =p.

Here is the Mickey!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


next thing i love about this world is ......... hmmm magic poison CHOCOLATE!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

bunnies love love

teheee i just love bunnies!!! >.<

First 3d Modelling with maya and zbrush

Hmmm so these are my first 3d model homeworks; organic model and still.
I modelled these Happibeetle and Organic Model in Maya. And the other Organic Model was in Z-Brush. Hmm not very well done tho but yeah i like it since those are my first 3d models and my first time touching both maya and Z-Bursh software ahahhahaha =D

Lecturer : Gary Wee <<<< spec ="D">


Organic MOdel

Okay and this is my another 3d modelling with Z-brush
haiz... i have hard time using this software but actually it was quite fun! =D
Sculpting something while your hands are not dirty hohohoo =p

Lecturer : Edward Lim <<<<>

Organic MOdel

all 3d models by happisis

Mr. Dandan's Bad Day

This is my first Animatic hehehe one of my first 6 months in 3dsense work =)
Lecture, by Sacha =D hohoho Big Buck Bunny oops don't tell him that =p hehehhe or he will ended up saying stupid stuff about the bunnies again Haiz =.=

animatic by happisis

check this out this is the big buck bunny that i was talking about =D

and here is my fav scene! ahahaahha

animation - ing is FUN!!!!

Haish hhohohoho i will soon upload my animation video *finger cross teheeeee. Hope that i have much time to tweak my animation so i can show off here! =p just wait for it okay!! =D i'll try to upload my works here yay!

Happi working!

Guri Guri Mooster update! =p

Hmm this are Guri Guri chan's face expression and poses =) Hihihi i love Guri chan he is so cute! hope that one day i can model it out and animate it hohohoho =p. Oh ya i forget to tell you hmmm actually he is Guri Guri Monster but yeah you know hmmm Monster world different from human world even they have their own language hahahaha. And he is so stupid and spell his name as Mooster haiz.... but yeah that's it hahha He is the cutest Monster ever!

character design by happisis

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

tilly and mama kuma

Hmm i forgot to bring back home my dell plug >.< haiz so i can't do anything hohohoho. Yeah, it's been a while i never used my mac anymore hohoho. And now is the chance to use it again. And since i stuffed all my old stuff here hmmm i want to show a few things tehehehehe.

So here is the box that i made for my little Tilly =) hmm there's a story book about him and a birth cert =p. hahhahahhaa

Now there is my Mama Kuma Lunch Box it's a Lunch Box for little one and Secret Yummy Recipes for mama at home =)

designed by happisis

Guri Guri Mooster

Hoho here it goes my other Character Design =D. It's from Fooster Team! Here one of the pose. Hmmm sadly their team lose and Guri Guri chan is so sad T_T. Nya nya it's okay Guri chan there is another game =D

character design by happisis


hohohohoho tday i just found
out about RABBIDS!!!! =D
me love me love it!!!! hohoho
thanks to Francine chama
hahahahahha.... here here
here Rabbids are so cute!

first character design

Hohohoho this is my first time posting my work here =)
after Val taught me how to hahahahaha... sorry i'm
very berry bad at this kind of stuff.

Hmmm here is my first Character Design Class with Jon.
They are Fifi and Fluffy. They love to play with
costumes hihi one of their favorite custume is
Zoo Keeper's costume =D

character design by happisis

Sunday, August 23, 2009

>.< working hard

haish i really need to work hard on my animation >.< here =").">.<

i can do it, can't i? hehehe of course i can! yah! happisis can do it! really well!!! =D just wait and see

Oh ya yesterday i've been surfing around. And i found out well there's a lot of talented Indonesian artist out there!! =) i feel so happy. I wish one day i can work together with them ehheheheh =D

Oh ya i'll find a way to uploaded some of my works here!! =)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

real world, real stuff haiz

Sometimes, what I need to learn about is "real" stuff and facing the "real"world. One cannot always living in the colorful fairy tales world; hoping that when i turn the next page i will find one magic sentence as "and they live happily ever after". Coz there is no such thing as the magic wand and "biddibbibobbiddiboo".

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

tiring day >.<

>.< there ="p.">.<" I don't think i have the energy to do it tonight. I think i'll just fix it tomorrow morning. Oh yeah, i haven't mentioned it before; yeah this is my 7th month joining 3dsense media school. Such a fun place =D. Love the lecturers and students there and aunty too =). Yeap, I'm taking an animation course there and i'm working hard. I'm suddenly reminded of my 22nd birthday which just passed. Such a lovely surprise. Well, hahaha i know they would do something for my birthday but i never ever expected that much. Yeah i just love 3dsense and my lovely classmates =). They even made my little wishes came true ahhaha they gave me a strawberry shortcake balloon and soft toy and i love them berry berry much. Today after school i went to meet juljul at her school. She asked me to be her model for make up. Heheheh yeah she is pursuing her little dream there. Today was her third lesson and that was not bad, she actually did quite well. Well, not perfect tho but i like what she did to my face =p. Way to go juljul =) nya~~~~~~ i'm going to sleep now. I'm berry sleepy now >.<

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

my first post.

this is my first time writing a blog hmm i thought it would be fun to try something new to me!!!
Oh yeah hmm my English is not good but I'm working hard here =p although I'm here in Singapore for 4 years but yeah my english just couldn't improve that much. Yeap, that is me always confuse all the time and afraid to make mistakes that's why my english can't improve all the time! Sometimes I choose to just keep quiet just because i'm afraid to make grammatical errors @.@ and afraid that people would most probably getting confuse and don't understand what is going on. yeah I'm bad at explain things as well. >.<" that's all for today! It's time to sleep now =D おやすみ、みんあさん!