Sunday, June 23, 2013

. cutie .

it was fun today! going out with mike, jz and alvin :D sad that allex couldn't make it >.< after the long stroll and lots of pretty and incredible arts at gillman barracks, we headed to tsujiri for lovely desserts! yum yum and before dinner we went to little drom store! and i found this adorable yoshitomo nara's container!!! sttt... and i have to remain "don't know" that jz and the rest are going to buy me one for my bday present :p. love it!!!

my soon to be bday present from dearest friends ;p 

got to hold my urge to shop til next month! stuffs are lining up for me to pay at amazon! so thrilled! haha. great books and dvds :D 

. hazy .

haze is here, it will be nice if it is raining

Friday, June 21, 2013

. milk chocolate .

It's been a long time since I was writing something so emotional. I am tired so tired of everything that I feel like quitting. Is it fair is it unfair? I don't seems to know the answer. They r just so hazy like what it's like outside recently. Things happened unexpectedly. It is just like a box of Chocolate as what gump will say. Which one which one and when will I get my fave dark choco? oh someone just got it. Nevermind, may be next time. But when? It is not my fault you know, at least I try to pick it up and gave it a bite.

Friday, June 14, 2013

So, I began to pick up wacom and draw! :D Here is the doodling. have a good day!