Wednesday, September 16, 2009

T_T but thanks to mickey =)

hmph.... tday just not my day! But hehehe Pink Mickey Mp3 save my day!!!! =) I felt really happi coz those sweet girls bought me this cute little mickey Mp3 player!!! Hohoho my red pod pod could take a break for awhile now =p.

Here is the Mickey!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


next thing i love about this world is ......... hmmm magic poison CHOCOLATE!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

bunnies love love

teheee i just love bunnies!!! >.<

First 3d Modelling with maya and zbrush

Hmmm so these are my first 3d model homeworks; organic model and still.
I modelled these Happibeetle and Organic Model in Maya. And the other Organic Model was in Z-Brush. Hmm not very well done tho but yeah i like it since those are my first 3d models and my first time touching both maya and Z-Bursh software ahahhahaha =D

Lecturer : Gary Wee <<<< spec ="D">


Organic MOdel

Okay and this is my another 3d modelling with Z-brush
haiz... i have hard time using this software but actually it was quite fun! =D
Sculpting something while your hands are not dirty hohohoo =p

Lecturer : Edward Lim <<<<>

Organic MOdel

all 3d models by happisis

Mr. Dandan's Bad Day

This is my first Animatic hehehe one of my first 6 months in 3dsense work =)
Lecture, by Sacha =D hohoho Big Buck Bunny oops don't tell him that =p hehehhe or he will ended up saying stupid stuff about the bunnies again Haiz =.=

animatic by happisis

check this out this is the big buck bunny that i was talking about =D

and here is my fav scene! ahahaahha

animation - ing is FUN!!!!

Haish hhohohoho i will soon upload my animation video *finger cross teheeeee. Hope that i have much time to tweak my animation so i can show off here! =p just wait for it okay!! =D i'll try to upload my works here yay!

Happi working!

Guri Guri Mooster update! =p

Hmm this are Guri Guri chan's face expression and poses =) Hihihi i love Guri chan he is so cute! hope that one day i can model it out and animate it hohohoho =p. Oh ya i forget to tell you hmmm actually he is Guri Guri Monster but yeah you know hmmm Monster world different from human world even they have their own language hahahaha. And he is so stupid and spell his name as Mooster haiz.... but yeah that's it hahha He is the cutest Monster ever!

character design by happisis

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

tilly and mama kuma

Hmm i forgot to bring back home my dell plug >.< haiz so i can't do anything hohohoho. Yeah, it's been a while i never used my mac anymore hohoho. And now is the chance to use it again. And since i stuffed all my old stuff here hmmm i want to show a few things tehehehehe.

So here is the box that i made for my little Tilly =) hmm there's a story book about him and a birth cert =p. hahhahahhaa

Now there is my Mama Kuma Lunch Box it's a Lunch Box for little one and Secret Yummy Recipes for mama at home =)

designed by happisis

Guri Guri Mooster

Hoho here it goes my other Character Design =D. It's from Fooster Team! Here one of the pose. Hmmm sadly their team lose and Guri Guri chan is so sad T_T. Nya nya it's okay Guri chan there is another game =D

character design by happisis


hohohohoho tday i just found
out about RABBIDS!!!! =D
me love me love it!!!! hohoho
thanks to Francine chama
hahahahahha.... here here
here Rabbids are so cute!

first character design

Hohohoho this is my first time posting my work here =)
after Val taught me how to hahahahaha... sorry i'm
very berry bad at this kind of stuff.

Hmmm here is my first Character Design Class with Jon.
They are Fifi and Fluffy. They love to play with
costumes hihi one of their favorite custume is
Zoo Keeper's costume =D

character design by happisis