Sunday, November 15, 2009

christmas is coming to town

christmas is coming to town again =). what a wonderful season! yay! i love christmas very much! hmmm but just like every christmas before this, i still haven't found my nutcracker prince yet hahaha. hey, but this year will be the most memorable christmas =) coz we are going to have a christmas party at michael's house =) (one of my classmates) on christmas eve. i'm so looking forward to that day. i could assume that this might be our last party party together as dve 12 =). Hmmm i have known them for almost 1 year now. we have been thru the happi, struggling, sad, busy, stressful days together! i am so happy that i have these classmates! hmmm but i wouldn't be able to spend my christmas eve with jul jul and other friends. hmmm that's bugging my head, >.< but hmmm i think they will understand. =) coz having christmas party with 3dsense fellas only will happen once >.< after this year everyone will start looking for jobs and we will be very busy. we might not be able to hang out together again. >.< haiz