Saturday, July 30, 2011

. thank you .

everything about yesterday is awesome :) yes, it has to be. it is the new page of my life. starting from my lovely four little sisters surprised me with their love, til now it is still awesome. i would like to be drama and thanked my little sisters novia, rhica, jennifer, christine. also i have to thanked all my colleagues that celebrated my birthday. thanked azaleas to insisted that i have to celebrate my birthday :p. i gave her and jie ming trouble to vivo city just to get a strawberry shortcakes from bakerzin. coz i told her i only love that certain cake ;p hahahaha *pardon me for my "hard to please" manner ;p really, thanks. and yes! i promise a friend that i won't cry on my birthday and i'll be happy. and i did it! thanks for his support and all :) i am glad to have him as a friend! i also got to thanked my naan fellas from work place plus the other designers for the lovely wood box. i love it so much! thanked for all the wishes be it from instagram, sms, watzapp, gtalk, phone call, facebook, twitter, or face to face. really happy to know i still have lots of lovely friends surround me. aside from all the pain that i got this past months. i begin to feel more relax.

blog, i received my last and touching card and gift from my lovely sister and brother. i have to said i feel touched and i feel that i am the luckiest girl just because i know they love me so much! :) flash back, i still remember my breakdown call that i made few times a day and a week. thanked them not to judge me and instead support me and still love me. too much drama past months. i wish no more for them. i have to thanked the pain that caused by a person. now i just need to move forward! strong and excited! :) *whatever that means yes, i need to.

AT LAST! LION KING SHOW IS GREAT! eventho i am alone watching it but i feel great about it. (but i got to admit i wish i am watching it and sharing it with someone) plus a "surprise/should i said spot check" after the show! i am kinda speechless. i couldn't say how happy i am and how lucky i am.

*yes, i might not be ready to love again so soon but one day i will when the time is right and when i meet someone right to be with.

Friday, July 29, 2011

. happy brithday you! .

i hope nothing for any bday celebration. but yet, my four lovely sisters surprised me :) love them, love the cake and love the reckless ericka that they bought for me :D *big hug for them! so, yeah blog! i am older and stronger i supposed and smarter i hope and more creative i wish. i feel touched by all those birthday wishes that my lovely friends sent me :) most of it is they wish me HAPPIER! yeah, that's what i wish for the best i think.. heehhe. so i can share the happiness that i have with people around me. i really need to thank God again for bringing me to this lovely tough earth. i might complains alot but i still love my life, my Daddy, my parents, my sisters, my grandpa and grandma, my friends, my boss, all the people who hates me and dislike me.

weeeheee! today for lion king! :)

thanks my TIP fellas esp. AZA's hard work with jie ming! long journey to vivo and queue for the cake! ahhaha. ;p

Thursday, July 28, 2011

. today love .

i was browsing around and i found this interesting sclupture i love! by Katsura Funakoshi. Somehow when i first saw it i really feel the sclupture is alive.

. art and fashion .

Art & Fashion. Zwischen Haut und Kleid from Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg on Vimeo.

. cg protege open house .

. cg protege open house .

. i want you .

hiya blog! i did went to met jul yesterday :D and guess what! agnez, one of our cute little friend wore her icon watch!!!! icon watch everyone!!! *okay, too much. lols. yeah! still remember the icon watch that i told you? yes, the one that i felt in love with when i first saw it on the poketo site. i tried it yesterday. i super want! and we are going to order online ;p of course after i got my salary ;p ehehhehehe. yay! hurray!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

. happy birthday, julia! .

. isn't she cute? ;D .

happi birthday to the sweet and lovely julia!! yes, blog today is her birthday. i wish all the best for her. i wish she is going to be a great make up artist one day! i haven't really meet her in these few months. i miss her, yes. i hope she forgive me along with all my friends that asked me out. life getting busier and busier. need to finished lot of stuff. be it personal project or from work place. i think after august it will became better *finger crossed. that's the time to ring all of them and go out for fun! i am still not sure if i can attend her bday dinner today :( we used to celebrate our bday together but i am out this year. i am not celebrating my bday this year. yes, drama... so be it! okay, so once again happy birthday my pretty little friend, julia! :D love you, big hug and smooooch! little girl who loves owl and lady bugs ;p. pardon me for not having time to grab a present for her :( am such a bad bad friend.
. am sorry for the lack of colors as i don't have much colors with me and the not so great sketch.. i am trying to make it like an owl. happy birthday, jul! .

. staff .

i must post this! weeee! after keep on calling one of my colleague "staff" coz he always wore this tee with "staff" typo. ahhaha he gave me one! thank yoooo! ;D *finger crossed it fit me!

. eek! .

. eek! .


. today love .

. love love love love love to the max! esp the gold one . . junya watanabe .

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

. cool,eh? .

. spot this prabal gurung 2012 resort video :) .

. alexander wang campaign .

aren't they just cool! yeah, indeed they are!

. first ever .

blog, as what i told you hmm too much confusion and stress lately. so tired but thanks to my friend!! a piece of note and a big cup of ice cream? ugh! thank you!!! it makes me feel better! i must said hehehe ben and jerry's never my favorite and i never ate them not even once. for some reason i just don't want to eat them ;p and this will be my first ben and jerry chocolate macadamia!! :) weeeheeee! cant wait til the day i open the ice cream! :D

. today adore .

. how i adore both of them! .

Monday, July 25, 2011

. again .

blog, today not a very cool day. but yeah!! as i told you before i am going to run with my colleagues and i did it today!! 45 minutes slow run thanks for leon to keep my uncool lame slow pace! for almost 5km :D huaaa!! been a long time and it is a good start :) am going to run with them again on wed! btw blog i ate 3 pencil ice cream today! what a day! if i can ate 3 ice creams a day. that isn't a good thing. huff...

. today love .

. jil sander .

ugh!! don't you just love the jil sander inspired nail art? i want them on my fingers too!!

check this out neon color block jil sander - inspired nail art

i couldn't help but jil sander really caught my heart!

. sjp love .

i was browsing around and yay! am so going to watch "i don't know how she does it" sjp! i always love her. she and carrie bradshaw ahhh~ love "their" fashion sense. she always look so gorgeous. can't wait!

. counting down .

wooohooo! count down to LION KING SHOW!!! :D only four days to go! and i'll be sitting on the front row of the theater. yeah, show off! who cares, huh? am going alone anyway. which is i feel so nervous! fcuk piece that i bought is ready to be worn by me! :D sweet lil one piece that i got with my lovely nobo chan. now now i am in the middle of fighting for sandy and heny's wedding video. so far so good. :) thanks to the sheep for helping me and support me!

and as i promise!


*am in a dilema... i want to read harry potter since i stopped at fifth book. but i still have three musketeers and i still have wedding video to finished and i want to read books about great people and i am curious about this faerie tale by raymond e. feist that my colleague talk about. ah! and i have lots of things that i want to do!!!! why i am 24 years old? i wish i am 20 or 18 now. hahaha more time to learn! i've wasted my years of being nonsense!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

. uhhlala .

. awww i want to have this kind of warm hearted date oneday .

. love this part .

. so cute with my fave tchaikovsky song .

. love her in this dress .

. isn't he sweet .

hey blog, i just finished watching morning glory starring lovely rachel mcadams, the all time fav harrison ford and sweet diane keaton and yeah the handsome patrick wilson. i wish to have a boyfriend just like him. haha ;p okay i am again speaking nonsense. anw, i love this movie. kinda teach me lil bit lesson personally. owkay, that's what i wanted to share!

ci fair going smooth thanks God for that. we are all trying and giving our best ;) i am tired and pardon me for slacking on my bed for the rest of the day til now ;p


Friday, July 22, 2011

. random .

hey, blog and yes blog! this is friday night and i am still at the office. some will probably said, uh that is sad but i won't see it that way. i love staying back at the office doing work. yeah, tomorrow is ci fair need to finished tiny bit stuff. :) humph....and i regret eating those junks for dinner... oily junks. i should have eaten something healthier. now i feel full of oils. the unhealthy one. humph i don't feel good. they taste not really great.

anyway blog.. i feel so tired these days. i miss going back early sit on the bed together with my lil sister playing computer. she is the best and the cutest. i love her loads! but she always refused me to kiss her good night and hug her. ;p but i always did anyway. coz i couldn't help but love her so much :) she is the sweetest, naughtiest, rude, cutest sister that i have. and blog, i feel worried about the wedding video. i am still working on it. but just because the couple that going to get married will be the couple that i love most, i am worried to disappoint them. humm but i'll still keep on doing my best :)

somehow, i miss hotel. :( i want to have holiday(s)!! staying in the hotel, not to worry about neaten up your bed and be happy like a queen. ahhh~ room service, nice food, chill room, tv on 24 hours. i just miss that time! i miss travelling again!!! *i will marry a guy who likes to travel alot.

okay, my post became so random. let it be random then ;p i miss disney songs. i always have them on my pod but just because people said i am such a kid. i stop to listen. but afterall i am me. i still need disney songs to cheer me up.

. rain rain rain come down .

the rain rain rain came down down down the rain rain rain came down... okay, everytime when it rains it reminds me of winnie the pooh song. one of my fave song :) i am not a pooh fan but i love this silly old man ;D

allow me to write this post while i am rendering the video. blog, i think i always embarrassed myself because of my happy go lucky (that's what my friends said) and my clumsiness humph i always embarrassed myself! like what i did again this morning! not the first time tho. now, my new colleague will think i am crazy girl. -.- but how cares huh! yeah, who care! let's sing!

. miss .

random thoughts blog, i got this from ThisDamnQuote on twitter "Remember when we used to stay up until 2 in the morning texting? Yeah, I kinda miss that ):" so true blog! i miss my good far away buddy whom i like to chat with until late night when i was still in high school. what a time.. miss you, buddy! he is coming to singapore in December! weeeeheeee! :D

Thursday, July 21, 2011

. just a little bit of .

yuhuuuu blog, how are you? i've been confuse and busy with work and stuff >.< no much time for dilly dally. am going to sleep soon but before that, i went to my ibook app earlier and i search books from "store" lots of titles lots of authors. just a random thought! how i wish we are still in a paper pencil era. i wish i can read lots and lots of books. know about great guys, great artist, great people behind all this revolution. ah, and with pencil i just need to keep on drawing and drawing. well, of course if we are still in this era, i will not be able to typing this while lying down on my bed :p well, just a silly thoughts of mine. i had a nice dinner earlier :) thanks! muah blog, am going to sleep!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

. google plus! .

. let's google plus - ing ;D .

Monday, July 18, 2011

. happimon .

again blog! i am in a middle of working! yes, but let me blog this out. i am wearing my hogwarts tee today!!!!! ;D i had another crazy weekend! one of them is sneaking in to other cinema after finished a movie! ahhahaha. and me loving it! lots of crazy stuff with the sheep!!! best crazy buddy ever! :D thanks God am single!

btw, blog! i got a gift from a colleague! cute little elephant i shall say! :D thank you! oh yeah forget to mention the halloween looking cake illustration as well. is that suppose to be a coupon for my bday cake? hahha. nice one! ;D

*me sorry, i am no good in self phototaking! hahaha but with hogwarts tee it seems fun! ;D

Friday, July 15, 2011

. clap clap .

so, yeah! IT HAS ALL ENDED in one night. *clap clap clap lots of claps heard inside the cinema after it has all ended. it is indeed brilliant and breath taking. i wish for more magic.. oh wait, magic never ends ;). potter will be remained in our heart and life! yes. wooohooo let's go back to the sorcerer's stone!

another magic happened, yay! i got my marron cream!! marron cream lives in Paris, France. she is cheerful and optimistic, she is good at making crafts and baking sweets. i always love this pink rabbit since i was a little kid but i never know what is her name -.-" it sounds silly but i really happi. there is something about this vending machine. i used to play it whenever i feel unhappy! it would boost my spirit. hahaha *sounds so kiddish. but yep! thanks for the lucky shaun hand! now i have my marron cream. ;D

*SHAUN THE AWESOME ST! *let's pretend today is april fool