Wednesday, January 12, 2011

. ogh day two .

my one good hour day two, FAILED! but as an exchange, i change my blog template and header ;). button asked me to post that i skipped my one good our mission. he said it is for my own good. well, he is right i feel bad now! but i promise. this won't happen again. i'll still stick on the due date that i set up.

today, i got to draw at my office! yeah, they asked me to make a logo for some flour bag. i search real hard for the references i even search for ratatouille =p i am not that good at drawing realistic stuff. all the illustration look so kiddie. in my desperation mood. i printed out the reference of a chef and i follow the line of the gesture and i came up with my own mr. flour! and i am quite liking it. =) it's hard to draw hand gesture. i always failed to draw hand! here is mr. flour blue sketch. (his name is not really mr.four i gave it to him)

. final chef sketch .


Cindy Tantarica said...


.happisis. said...

really? oh, thanks cin! ahaha you made my day =D

Cindy Tantarica said...

haha yea yea! i prefer this one! :D :D