Sunday, January 30, 2011

. nothing .

z told me about this song last few days i forget.. i love this song.. i know it's sad but just love this song!

. gone! .

:( don't know why but when i checked my dashboard, all the blogs that i followed are gone :'( sad sad sad

Thursday, January 27, 2011

. collage .

. i love collage very much! hope you like it too .

. love, happisis .

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

. i love you always .

i keep on questioning myself. what exactly is i always love you? does it means that i will always love you til the death apart us? so how if they broke up and in the end of the relationship other party still say I love you. I love u always. does that means he will still love her no matter what happen? so what if he start a new chapter of his life, he tell the new girl i love you. does that means he love the previous girl and this girl? how can you "love" two people in the same time? was it a love to real close friend or boy and girl? well! this is just a random thoughts. this has been confusing me.

. pretty books .

books i'd like to flip thru and read...

i borrowed this one from nlb before. i love this book! but sad :( i don't have much time to flip them thru. going to nlb again if i got much more time. =)

like every girls and boys i love to flip thru those pages from fashion magazine, adoring, admiring the creation by great artists. some are famous, not so famous, not famous at all, even fashion students. i just admire them. eversince i came here to study, i love design more and more. never get bored of it! from graphic design, fashion design, interior design, product design, all sort of designs! traditional, modern. argh! for this past few years i gradually developing feeling with fashion design. i told button, in the next life i wanted to be a fashion designer! just like those great designers. i admire alexander mc queen, paul smith, coco chanel, christian lacroix, karl lagerfeld, john galliano, marc jacobs, diane von furstenberg, vivienne westwood, agnes b argh! more and more!! i would like to know more about the great fashion designers. fashion from past past past century. i would like to know more! how they got inspired and produce such beautiful and stunning creation. ughm i am curious. because i really know nothing at all! art is interesting! pssstt... i am someone who doesn't really like details and crowd. i love something simple. like dieter rams just simplicity! but for some reasons, i always admire christian lacroix creation. look at those colors and details and wough! i just love them. so fun and daring.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

. valentino in rws .

yeah, i know i am too late for this. just notice the poster while i was waiting for the bus on my way home. get excited to peek the exhibition. yeah, it's valentino, retrospective in resort world sentosa. i am curious! i want to attend the exhibition!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

. colors .

color color colors! i love colors! i love what kate spade did to the colors!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

. that is why i love TLC .

one morning, i turned on the tv and tlc will be the first channel popped out on my tv screen. yeah, it used to be disney channel then cartoon network fans. nowadays, i found both of those channel not really good as before. they change alot. i miss the jetsons, yogi bear, every sunday morning 9am story telling, disney classic movies, and lots more. but nice thing about TLC we got to watch, learn, know lots of great and cool stuff from all over the world. one of my fave is world's greenest home with emmanuel belliveau.

this is one of my favorite green house design by Maartje Lammers and Boris Zeisser of24H-architect the accordion house. i envy them for having such a great vacation place.

i wanted to say "that is so cool" but as what Mr. King wrote, "I have my own dislikes I believe that anyone using the phrase "That's so cool" should have to stand in the corner" lols just random. for some reason i love that part. it makes him feels like a kind old man =p.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

. again simplicity .

. neko - sanaa .

. ora unica - denis guidone .
. ora lattea - denis guidone .
. void 02 - david ericsson.

one, please?

. i love art .

ugh! i feel artsy again. i really wish i can either work at animation studio, children illustration studio or cool design studio. i am bored with this all paper work! i need something fun! therefore, now i am in the middle of preparing my porto =D. am so excited about it. yeah not really preparing. coz sadly i don't have any new piece to show. just revamp the look. as what sokkuan suggested. am sure she is disappointed with me now. coz she was so nice to spare a few hours to met up with me and i suppose to gave her something in return but because of this and that i couldn't meet the time. feel ashamed too. okay, back to topic. i love dover street market. i knew about this from one of the article from internet back then and got so excited about it. i really love the store look. uh, if i am lucky and rich enough i'll visit london's dsm. i want to look at the real store and want to shop there! from what i've seen on the pictures, the store is great. love the store concept. feel like another utterubbish exhibition. i wish there is more utterubbish event. i love that exhibition.

forgive me, i am not a good writer and i always talk randomly.

. little angel .

hee.. i always love button's stories. he told me once about the great fish, the useless fish turned greatest fish. uh, i love that story and my new favorite story is from yesterday. he told a story about his little angel dog. oh, i am forever afraid of dogs. not because i hate them. they are adorable but i had nightmares about dog biting me and it was hurt! i cried in the middle of the night. but when button told the story about this little angel, i wanted to have a dog like that as well. the story was so touching and i shed a tears. i wish one day i own a good friend like his little angel. thanks button for the story!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

. i love kl photographeee .

i have a confession to make! i am little kenny fans eversince i saw his work. i know him at my small unsurprise birthday celebration. he stay with my previous house mates. he is a fun, crazy small size boy but he is so talented. for me, he is full of surprises!

please do check his work on his . tumblr . and his . blog . you are going to love his work as i do!

. simplicity .

i always love simplicity, also i love black and white and my recent fave is grey! so simple, so neat, so fresh, so straightforward, so fun.

. shadow cast - yohji yamamoto .

. yohji yamamoto at v&a.

. silhouette by yohji yamamoto .

. yohji yamamoto .

sources: . source 1 . . source 2 . . source 3 .

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

. doodling .

. have a good day! .
. love, happisis .
. muah! .

. romantika .

hey hey hey! i've been wanting to post this. WHAT IS THE MOST ROMANTIC ADS that you can think of in a sec? ha! i got the answer tiffany&co. ads! duh! of course. i am so in love with the pictures, so romantic and warmth.

. ogh day two .

my one good hour day two, FAILED! but as an exchange, i change my blog template and header ;). button asked me to post that i skipped my one good our mission. he said it is for my own good. well, he is right i feel bad now! but i promise. this won't happen again. i'll still stick on the due date that i set up.

today, i got to draw at my office! yeah, they asked me to make a logo for some flour bag. i search real hard for the references i even search for ratatouille =p i am not that good at drawing realistic stuff. all the illustration look so kiddie. in my desperation mood. i printed out the reference of a chef and i follow the line of the gesture and i came up with my own mr. flour! and i am quite liking it. =) it's hard to draw hand gesture. i always failed to draw hand! here is mr. flour blue sketch. (his name is not really mr.four i gave it to him)

. final chef sketch .

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

. one good hour start .

yay! i started my "one good hour" yesterday. hmm, i started to compile all the necessary pieces for portfolio into thumb drive. sadly, i really couldn't find some of my soft copy for the pieces that i like :(. yeah, my hard drive crashed. i lost the data. see what can i do later. my goal within this few months are re-layout my portfolio, have a new animation reel, new character design drawing, getting my "secret" plan done! oh yeah! i shouldn't forget heny and sandy's wedding video! =)

my plan is to finished all of the list below in....
portfolio : this week
animation : end of february (honestly i haven't touch maya for few months i need to get use to it again)
secret plan : next week
heny and sandy's wedding video : before june

Sunday, January 9, 2011

. one good hour .

okay! i am going to start my "ONE GOOD HOUR" project! so, like what button said, every day i have to spend at least 1 hour for either my animation or illustration work. so, i am going to start it from tomorrow! but, before all of that i am going to re lay out my portfolio and i gotta send my portfolio to companies. *finger cross i hope i am not just pardon me BULLSHITTING -.-" (button hates that i say that word. ok, i gotta give myself a chance, a good chance and i gotta give it a try! wish me luck! *again i am praying i am not just BLOG-ING and WRITING about this. but i am going to do this!

Friday, January 7, 2011

. artinmotion .

. september equals january .

this is my second post! i need to post it!! i watched the september issue yesterday. i love it! it's a real devil wears prada. i wish they have it every year,please!! fashion industry is crazy, heart thumping, nervous, but oh who can resist not to involve in it?

. on reading .

i finished "never let me go" by kazuo ishiguro. it is a beautiful piece of story i almost cry. again, if i wasn't on the bus or sitting at a burger place. i am happy i finished the book. i thought i wouldn't finished it coz it was depressing. now, i am on the next book! "on writing" by stephen king. i read few pages before and i didn't really like it but now i re-read it again, i found it interesting and as button said, it is sweet =) i am reading it now.

love, happisis

Thursday, January 6, 2011

. thankee .

hullo, guys! how are you? ha! i am in a so very happy mood. i've been shop shop shop till drop drop drop. thanks to mom, dad and my salary! lols! i posted on my blog before, that i am so in love with the elbow patches sweater, jacket, shirt, yeah anything with patch on the elbow! thanks to my dad! he bought me a nice elbow patches jacket and elbow patches white shirt! both from massimo dutti. i am uh so loving them. now, i fall for massimo dutti already. i also found a nice wallet for my sister's bday from there and i bought my brown leather bag from there as well! thanks, massimo!

this month, i almost completed my wishlist! i got my fifi lapin book! thanks to borders, i love you! yeah, i went to kino last tue, coz i found frankie magazine is out! i went there, so excited to buy frankie plus fifi lapin book. i went there right after work and my happy burger dinner with button at cineleisure. but sadly, both of them were sold out! SOLD OUT!!! my heart was broken. really! i am so sad and don't know where to get them button called borders but they didn't ans. he suggest that we should check it there. they might have. but honestly i doubt it. but no harm trying. so we went there. but i wasn't so excited about it anymore. and!!!! i found them there!!! =D am so happy! huahahahah i just need to buy the art of tangled next month =p

enough for shopping... =p well, never enough for shopping! but i got no choice! i need to save now o.O lols! so, i got my brown leather bag and vintage leather heels from j shoes and i got dresses, pants, shirts, my new ray ban spec! really!!! i need to stop =p. but.... toms shoes! i need you, i want you! and i saw a cute agnes b watch! gosh! i really love it -.-"

but i like it all white!!!

love, happisis muah!