Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Woohoo! so excited! After so many years, finally I put on courage badge and producing my own products! :) okay nothing like super big here only brooches which I will call them #happibrooch :D
I do hope whoever use them, they will get extra dose of happiness! Why brooch tho? Coz I am crazy about brooches! I am someone who doesn't really like to wear jewelry. I love them tho, I love them, I bought them, I wore them once or twice and never again. Not very comfortable with jewelry because i am not a person who can take good care of jewelry! So, to spice my wardrobe. I love to collect brooches! I will just pin it on my plain top or dresses and voila! I am ready to go! :D

Here let you see one of the happi brooch! Hope you like it as I do.

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