Monday, March 21, 2016

Current Read Magazine : Fete

Hi, blog! It's been a long long time since I write something here. I feel the urge to share with you guys my current love! :)

Me and Adrian (my fiance, yes! i got engaged last christmas ) visited library over the weekends and I found my new love for another Australian Magazine called Fete. Of course, at first the cover attracts me and then the content and then I got to borrowed them from library. My current read is issue no. 12 and issue no. 13. Going to purchase it next! :D

*image taken from All Script you can purchase it there!!

Here is their website | instagram 

Please visit my instagram page, I have created @themidnighthappifactory account last year just for my artwork. I am still trying my best here. :) I am currently exploring some fruit illustrations! Which I find it challenging and fun in the same time. Using simple shapes and color to play around with each fruit is super fun.

See you! X

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