Monday, September 22, 2014

Good Monday Good

Hurrah! I've finally set my own society6! Been wanting to start since two years ago! Can you imagine my unsteady-ness and lazy-ness ;p. So, if anyone even read this please go and check it out :) I will be really happi and appreciate it. Thank You!

Here is the link >>>>>

And just because i am happi eventho a bit tired from work and not sure why my eyes getting tired easily these days, here is a cute animation that le boyfriend shared with me :) aw! this is the first time i ever wrote le boyfriend ;p. Yes, i am that shy! ;p

And here is some soothing Studio Ghibli music that my good friend shared. Excited!!! I am going to visit Ghibli next year with bunch of good friends!!! I hope next week is next year and tomorrow is christmas. 

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