Tuesday, February 11, 2014

sewing, embroidery, crafting you named it! i love it

i always love and get so inspired by embroidery. love them to the bits. i would love to be able to do one. sigh but my laziness always kick in. i couldn't even finished one embroidery that i promise for eames. i shall go back to that. i love sewing.. no.. i love crafting. i love all handmade stuff. i once begged my mom to let me learn sewing but she doesn't allow me to do so. i even wanted to try fashion subject because of all those interesting drafting, measuring, sewing and lots of lots of pretty clothes. 

i am happy that in the end i got to learn basic sewing from uyii. i love the class and eventho i have to redo the sewing over and over again, it is just fun to sew! i miss my old long table. sigh, now my desk is so small and cramp i got no space for my sewing maching (yes, dad gave me one :) and i am til now so happi about it) and that leading me to not having the mood to sew. how i wish i have bigger work-space! and i do seems to have quite a problem with machine ;p i encounter so much prob with my sewing machine too. i shall go back and practice them soon!

there are lots and lots of people that i admire everytime i saw their works. i love this artist.. not sure if this is her name, tamao from japan. i fell in love most probably at first is because of her nutcracker embroidery strap that i was crazy enough to purchased it online from rakuten. my friend always scolded me of always purchasing the useless stuff. but hey! they are not! they are art and it is handmade. it deserve the cost ;p i even purchased the book! see how crazy i am? but yet again, i haven't got the time to try make one sigh! and so i am very happi with my nutcracker! but in the end i gave it to my mom. so she can hang it on her yoga bag and think of me ;p


aren't they just cute???? i want to get the giraffe and mr rabbit too! somebody please? ;p

and also i was a bit sad that i missed this frankie edition. when i wanted to get it they are already sold out. i wish i keep one. yes, i love to keep lots and lots of pretty books that my mom and friends again! always scolded me for. i even have to give out some of my books when i moved out from my previous place. yeah! how i wish i have my own place. or may be just a permanent place for me to stay (*one of the sad thing of being a foreigner)

not to forget this girl that i really admire! teresa! she is very nice and i still remember the first time i met her at oic. i was like.. hummm this girl i saw her before, oh yeah! the one that i followed on my intagram. and i was like all acted very socialized when the fact is i am social awkward i got to really gathered all my courage to just speak up! bleh! and i blurted out something that rather not nice. hi, are you teresa. i am sisca i've been stalking your instagram and i love your work. after that i was like what??? am i a stalker? -.-" oh sisca please! sigh! and lucky enough that she is very nice and say hello back to me and following me ;p i love love love her works and in fact i think she is younger than me, makes me admire her more! i want to be like her oneday someday. one talented artist. you got to check out her work. and i have been wanting to join her embroidery class too.. but sadly the timing is not good. nevermind! may be next time ;)

she is the petite lil girl in black.

last but not least i adore this artist work too. very smart mixed media illustration. love love love it! Izziyana Suhaimi 

lastly my own! very suckie -.-"

this supposedly is for eames. since he is a strong elephant boy :) i got to get that tee from rockstar and embroider one for eames ;)

oh yes, all the photos above are from teeteeheehee blog, izziyana suhaimi tumblr, google, flickr and pinterest ;D 

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