Monday, October 14, 2013

. decision .

seriously, now i have 2-3 items to watch out for. i've been asking myself should i get them and do i really need it.

first, the pretty 3.1 philip lim mini pashli in rust which according to sha, the color is meh~ now i am confuse, i trusted sha so much in this what should i do? hmmm.. *think!

color : rust
pic from here
shop here

second, the kenzo card holder. i am so crazy about the kenzo eye! and duh! now it sold out. see what happened when you wait too long to decide! (inner me: okay, okay i am sorry! i am bad at deciding something, so help me!)

sold out here

third and which i just discovered on instagram, they really do exist. mrs potts and chip tea set! i always wanted them! once, i saw a cup and saucer with similar colour tones to chip and i didn't get it. up until now, i couldn't forget that. how much i regret to not buying the tea cup set. and now, when i saw this. i really wanted this! and i found one on ebay too!!! *confuse confuse confuse!

i screen shot it and it was from here

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