Friday, September 27, 2013

. so many to work on .

i want to change! change to a better person, happier less assumption and live in a room full of positive energy! yosh! draw more! get inspired more! smile more, exercise more and eat less :p

 marsha always angry at me.. she told me that she isn't happy when i always look down on myself. poor miself. i think i have to work on my self confidence more!  

i miss whole lots of people. i miss my grandparents, my mom, my dad, my sisters (eventho i meet them everyday but still i miss my sisters), my overseas friends that i couldn't even meet them that most prob they thought i alr forget them, my friends here in singapore which i seldom meet but i am dying to meet just that time is being time. time won't give me more time to meet whole lot of my friends that i miss. even so, i miss all of them.

yes, i don't buy i love you i care for you i like you and i promise you. non non! show me and i'll see what's next :)

i am not sure about this one. i am not sure if i've created a life that looks goon on the outside. hmmm again i must work on this

yes! i decided. always decided to living the life that i imagined! but i too need to work on this! like now! like i have to no but but just do it.... okay, i will try harder.


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