Sunday, April 14, 2013

. relaxing .

these few days i feel so relax. i am trying to free my small little brain from thinking too much. i feel so much better and also it helps me alot when i got the chance to just talk to my managing director. he gave me advices and i told him my worries. thanks! now i feel much more better. alas! hence, i feel kinda sad about not doing the freelance project for a friend. anw, i can get this time to practice my water color and also sketching.

so, today me and agnes went down to little drom store to collect our winning price :) so happi! cutesy moomin mt tape. i'll share one with my beloved fanny who is soon to be a mother. so happi for her! :)

i met marsha's parents they are very nice. it feel so nice to see familiar faces :) i do miss them and also fanny, marsha, steffi and the parents. all so nice people.

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