Monday, January 7, 2013

. cool print .

heny (the most fave sister from other parents) she kept on nagging me about why i never wear a precious necklace that she and sandy (her husband. again, the most fave brother from other parents) gave me on my birthday. not that i hate them but i am no good at handling expensive stuff. i'll either broke them or scratch them or lost them. that's why not much branded stuff around me. i rather use something cheaper that bang proof, scratch proof and heartache proof. i get myself my first marc by marc bangle (oh, that time. this is consider ex for me!) and i broke it :) and i cried! :(. second is, i thot the necklace will be too mature for me. i tried to appear more mature but i don't really like it. i don't know may be it is just me. not use to it? hmmm... anw, i did wore it 2 days in a row. as long as i know how to mix and match it. hey, it is okay. and i love it! :) it doesn't look too mature for me! ;p and i did kept on checking if it is still hanging on my neck and all in piece! ;p

and i came across to this sweat shirt! cool print! i would love to have it!


Mei めい said...

yes the sweatshirt print is so artsy :))
wanna follow each other ? :D
I do some artwork too

. sisca . said...

sure, why not :D