Sunday, December 2, 2012

. boo .

. sketching mara t shell .

whoa whoa whoa! okay, last few days i feel a bit.. okay more bit... okay no.. really mix emotion! bleh! no good no good. guess, that's because of me papa and mama keep on calling me and not their fault but to scold me and give me some kind of pressure. ah well, some people just can't mind their own business and poke their nose on others. or just be as evil as some people is and not feeling happi when others are. hmmm what to do... people from my country... from my hometown to be exact are mostly like that. booo! not cool!

but then again, me papa and mama are as sweet as always after they are feeling better. papa called just to say, "hi, daddy's sweetheart how are you?" tehehehe and what can i say more? :p of course i scolded him back! okay not scold scold :p and now after siggraph finished, my freelance done and i can finally not going back to the office on every saturday. i feel more relax now! in fact! i feel inspired again!

whoaaa!!! i am going to take silk screen workshop! excited excited :) can't wait can't wait.

and i can't wait to purchased my baby!!!! :D

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