Monday, December 17, 2012

. bits and pieces .

this year has been a rather productive year oh well... half of this year i couldn't remember since when.. :) shouldn't stop to keep trying and exploring yes? i do hope once my baby delivered here! i am be able to start my new adventure. can't wait! please be here before christmas! bu then again, even it is here around that time. i doubt i will have time to get a full try. christmas dinners. catching up movies on rows. i don't know when can i get a fully rest. haha!

so here are what i've been doing only bits of it. i do hope i can achieve more next year. i am kinda proud of myself :)

here are some pics that i steal from oic facebook page ;p

little cute boy touching the drawing that i drew! teheheh it is not sold but still i am happy :) 

see the yellow background drawing? tha's mine and the one below with blue patches :)

this one was my favorite of the day and it sold to the fabian's family ;) happi!

something different but i like this one too :)


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