Tuesday, August 7, 2012

. happi little land .

oh yeah! last sunday was my birthday :D i am one year older. woooo! i am hoping to be wiser, more creative, more patient, happier, watever that is to be a good grand daughter, daughter, sister, girl-friend, friends, employee, collagues... hahaha! i feel happi on my birthday. owl and me spending time at sentosa :D went to underwater world, watching dolpin show and also a cable car ride. oh not to forget the cool gifts that owl gave to me :D love them to the max! and thanks to mrs. owl also :D as owl said the alexander mcqueen book might poped out on my bday and so it was and i got this cool skull key! i love it to the max and now hanging on my bag :D

i am also feel happy that right on the midnight i got the not so surprised birthday celebration by my bunch of new friends :D with bakerzin strawberry shortcakes of course :D (owl really know what i want) hohoho! anw, i just feel blessed and i got few voice notes from my dearest sister and also her friends and heny. phone called from julia and paus :) not to forget in the morning i received a warm birthday wish from my dearest fanny, sha, revano, melissa, pavlos and michel. i feel touched :) 

not to forget my dear colleagues that made me birthday cards and also get me yumilicious waterlily philosophy. i used them. yum on my body! ah! and also another two shortcakes from pauz! plus a cute yellow bag! ugh! feel lucky already.

marsha visited last few days and i got a brand new pair of silver blink TOMS!!! the one that i've been wanting to buy. hahaha! thanks sha, fanny, tepi. i love it very much. i wore it right away the next day. and how can i forget julia's ted baker bangle that i've been wearing these days. thanks! we kinda excahnge gift on her bday. just a day away. so we celebrate it on her bday! don't have my cam at home. or else i would like to snap and posted here. spare me if i sounds so showy. but i just feel blessed :D 

thanks Daddy J :D 

i've been trying water color these few days! :) water color is real fun! thanks andrew, jose for the advices :D i'll keep on trying and practice. Here they are hope you guys or there is even a person to read this stupid blog post :P 

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