Sunday, August 26, 2012

. blessed .

i feel blessed! i feel grateful for what i had and what i have in the past and also right here right now. sure, sometimes i feel this world is really unfair because the bad people are still out there and why do the good one weeping? i don't understand.. hmm but i should and i must put that aside. oh well, this is the real world and Daddy J won't be unfair. i do love to complains.. who doesn't? people does! okay, okay back to the topic... i feel blessed! i just came back from crabby crabby dinner with mom dad and little sister (as usual, the middle one is working in the kitchen and can't joined us). i brought mom and dad to this mellben seafood. huummm yum! i am addicted to the claypot crab beehon ;p. oh yeah, our family is seafood lover! crab lover! and we can ate 5 kgs in one go! just plain boiled crab and pooof! with plain white rice and chilli sauce (yes, we are indonesian) haha! after eating i went to the shop house near by to get a glue (i need it for sticking all the ref on notebook) and i get 3 of them with only 1 dollar!! i bought few stationary. anw, i just feel blessed. you might not understand why but i just feel blessed! :)

oh, i got my late birthday presents from mom and lil novia :D "enchanting magical stories" disney book and "brave" storybook with bonus charm necklace. haha! oh well, this simple childish presents, i love! :D what to do, i love children books!!! :D thanks!!

with mom and dad here for almost a month! i missed home! but wherever they are, that is home! :D

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