Thursday, July 19, 2012

. love you and you .

wohoooo! the day has come! finally!!!! in few hours time i'll be seeing my lovely ladies! *thrilled! and humm non stop being a daddy little girl... my dad called me few times just to remind me to bring vicks with me haha! just in case if my sinus acted up again. and oh dad, i brought difflam and also clarityn with me! don't worry :D and he told me not to swim in the beach. dangerous! and mom and dad worried that i might get lost >.< gah! i am that blur?? hmmm anw, i miss mom and dad :) love you!

time to sleep! and again... i am abandoning my 1q84! i wonder when will i finished it! but the story gets more and more interesting! in this kind of situation, i wish i have kindle!

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