Tuesday, July 17, 2012

. falling in .

okay, i am thrilled! yay! one day away and i am in bali! with my lovely ladies!!! and soon after that bridesmaid to my dearest friend fanny :D so happi for her! ah! couldn't wait. i do wish i can skip tomorrow. hahaha! but then, i am also in mixed emotion! i miss my owlie owl. ahhh! couldn't spent a nice time yesterday. i was too tired and then today we can't meet up and tomorrow i doubt so and then the next day fly to bali. hmmm...

can't wait to wear you :D

okay okay, enough with the mixed emotion. i am literally having a love at first sight on a tee after so long. hehe. i love my newly spotted fifi's project tee for topshop! grabbed, tried and kacha! i owned it! lol. i am just happi, haven't felt that in so long. hard to find a tee that i like. hummm those tee that i want, i couldn't find them here -.-" booo! 

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