Friday, July 27, 2012

. beautiful in white .

look look! i got wings tattoo on my wrist! ugh! the temporary's ;p and this pic is for fanny and revano, both of them so obsessed with mustache! 

woooo! i had wonderful days in bali! indeed it was a fun, loving and warmth trip. be together with people that i love, witnessed the most beautiful ceremony ever, walked down the aisle escorting our dearest friend. surrounded by beautiful nature and also yummy foods! what can you asked for more? oh yeah! my owl! :)

so, last 22nd june was my dearest friend, fanny and revano's wedding. tears of happiness couldn't stop but keep on flowing on that day. she in the gorgeous pure white gown, walking down the aisle. she was and still is the most prettiest bride ever. i love how she is so bubbly, so cheerful, so caring, so simple, so down to earth, she gave us the warm and fuzzy feeling and also comfort whenever you are with her. i love her annoying high voice pitch and her laugh. words can't describe how i love her and treasure her as my very close and dearest friend. same goes to marsha and steffi. i will treasure this very much and won't let anything stain our friendship. of course there were ups and also downs, i mean this is life. we need those to make it real. :D i love them so much.

geez! suddenly i feel mixed emotion. i miss them already. i wish to be there with them right on this moment. ahh!!! but there are more to come :D

i love you nyak! i treasure you, thanks for choosing me as one of the bridesmaid. i feel honor, lucky and happi! you looked so beautiful that night! and please please make more little fanny and revano :D we are waiting for the good news!

last but not least, she is melissa satria, yes revano's lovely cousin. she is so petite. so cute and so funny! 

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