Monday, July 2, 2012

based on owl, the dark queen :D

today is a sleepy day. i could have sleep all night. very tired. before going to work, while enjoying my breakfast i watched sex and the city the movie. yes, again! still adore pat field with the choices of interesting style sense for the characters. my mood turns better after watching it. i don't want to be in the office with the grumpy face. not good not good. but i couldn't performed well today. i should go back earlier and oh yes, still pile of works to do. but i got no control to the tired eyes and also heavy head and the continuously cough. bad cough that i got. and today, i am going back to my own room. be braver and sleep alone! not with sisters so i can sketch some stuff and practice some water color :D for the sake of happisis studio. oh oh! i managed to drew a birthday card for my owl :D after few long hours of attempt and i am quite satisfied with the drawing not fantastic but i like it.

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