Monday, July 16, 2012

. another goodbye .

Oh blog, i just came back home and first thing that i want to do was just type this but no, i went to shower all clean and fresh and i went to facebook, search on andrew's facebook and see what he wrote for zheng yong. you see, i am very bad at remembering people's name and always called him as the tattoo boy. oh well, only within a group and he didn't even know that. he was a student from cg protege. heard that he was good and creative in what he did. but last few weeks or last month exactly, i talked to him and went for lunch  with him and also aza and chian leng. learnt that he is a good, sweet and nice kid. i would love to talk to him more. i was shocked and couldn't believe it when wilson told me that he passed away. we (him, aza and chian leng) supposed to go out for jap dinner. but guess, it wouldn't never happen anymore. as i type this i feel sad the tears came out. i never talked to him much but he gave me strong impression and i really wish he can achieve what he wants. strangely that we never really talk but i feel sad and miss him. he was so random and funny. he was a really good kid. like a little boy. i didn't get to go to his wake. i feel terribly sad. i told owl about it. what i can do is to pray for him and i do hope he is happy up there. you'll be miss. nice to know you.

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