Friday, June 1, 2012

. silly me .

so, i've watched devil wears prada and sex and the city like over and over again. they never bores me. i love the shows so very much. so, after i did some updates and changes for work earlier. yeah, i did it now coz ive been resting the whole day. on mc, not going to work. get the self fully recover :D. and i feel much better thank you :D so, i stumbled upon the sartorialist site. i followed both sartorialist and garance dore's site. love them! like really. i just love to see beautiful pictures and so intrigue each day :D to see what's new. what to do? i am bad in photography and still weak in creativity. i can just amiring people's work and find out how to be better each time.

so, i stumbled upon sartorialist's site and found patrick demarchelier. aha! this sounds so familiar. i did always wondering who is demarchelier that miranda priestly always mumbling about. i am curious but i also thought that is just a fiction name. so, never be bothered. but still curious. haha! and then i watched sex and the city, remember the carrie vouge shoot? yeah, i saw andre leon talley there and i thot the photographer was sir paul smith. so silly of me that is actually patrick demarchelier. and i am happy to found out something new. eventho i am years way behind :p. pardon my silliness and lack of information. what to do? i live in a wide big world. 

okay, time to rest.

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