Saturday, June 16, 2012

. jar jar with love .

today is my lucky day or what! haha! so, today is the first day of The Gobelins Animation Masterclass at CG Protege. i went back to office just to snap few pictures and update some stuff. Oh well, the pics are not that nice but hey! i am so happi to finally met the one who animated Jar Jar Binks! someone who made Jar Jar alive haha! okie, i am very thrilled when she said she animated Jar Jar. Jar Jar is my fave character from Star Wars. People hate him but i love him :D. I shall take this opportunity to may be snap a pic together with her and jar jar and let her sign the pic! :D yes, i am going to do that and hope that she doesn't mind :p. Oh oh her name is Magali Rigaudias :D. love her already! :D

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