Friday, June 8, 2012

. almost satisfied .

last few days i felt so messed up. headache and all. just recovered and i need to face list of works. i can't describe how my head feel so heavy those few days. and oh! so cute, i got a phone call from the clinic where i went asking me if i am feeling better. so nice!  and oh! that reminds me of the vitamin c that i need to take everyday -.-". despite all the business, i am kinda proud of myself :D having lots of responsibility on my both shoulder, learning new stuff and all. i am happi eventho i feel tired!

and i have officially moved to new corner at the office. surrounded by designers in the pre production room. mixed emotion. i miss my room mate aza but i am also feeling happi coz now i can learn more stuff from the designers. so, i shouldn't complain. i was pissed and sad last few week, found out a person saying that i am so free and have nothing to do at the office while i am working my ass off on stuffs. but what the hell. haha! i shouldn't even think about that person. let her say what she wanted and i wouldn't get affected anymore coz i am happi as i am now :). woooo! next is focus on the challenging project :D first time for me and finger crossed it is going to be well. with one of the designer helping me, i'll be doing alright. this project will be my baby as what my boss said. haha! oh yeah, my boss is funny and nice. just like the dave yamaguchi from dream defenders.

ah! i just met marsha earlier. we shopped, we chat! so much fun. i wish the night is not ended. hummmm... i'll be missing her. she is going back on sat. and i wish i can get a day off tomorrow. but with those works. i cannot be so irresponsible and neglected them. oh well, am going to meet up and have fun with her again in bali. yes, in bali! our dearest friend fanny's wedding in bali! and we are the bridesmaid. thrilled!!!! 

okay, time to sleep! i feel happi today because i have a stupid owl with me :D

*and hmmm i so needed a michael kors or may be nixon and also that mcqueen book that i have been eyeing on but somehow never get one can i also have that yohji book? 

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