Friday, May 11, 2012

. silence .

have you ever feel that what ever you did you do it wrong? i always feel that way. i always try my best to becareful of words coming out from my mouth and also make sure i won't make people feel uncomfortable and unhappy around me since i don't want to feel that way myself. but i failed. i got mom and dad scolding me, i said something rude to a friend, something that so sensitive that i wasn't supposed to said. what the hell wrong with me. 


Azoic said...

Oh Dear.. Wat did u do.. this time? =/

Didi said...

Don't worry be happy. At least you know something went wrong... lol... so you can changed !!

. happisis . said...

thanks you two :D. it was bad but all okay now :) -.-" stupid girl lol!