Wednesday, May 30, 2012

. blah blah blah .

so blog, how are ya? hummm.... i woke up with sore throat and lil headache and geee! i think am going to fall sick soon. why! the body of mine! you are so huge but you fall so easily. but a caramel macchiato from starbucks brighten my day. hmmm so okay, so i wasn't feel okay or happi yesterday and it leads me to walk around orchard after work. my mind is tangled and i need to release them. ah... and i ended up getting more arm candy. not really love love them but i just know i have to buy something. bad real bad! bad habit -.-" so i ended up to get few of them and luckily because of my not oh sexy body. i didn't get any cute clothes or skirt or printed pants that i saw everywhere. i am in need of diet but oh well, it won't happen -.- never. but i need to do something about it. this fats is ugly and unhealthy.

and i so in need to work on photography! humph with lots of stuff i need to handle at work. i need to keep on improving myself. i won't let myself down! back to work!


Didi said...

take care yo!!!

. happisis . said...

thank you, didi! i've been sleeping the whole day hahaha!