Wednesday, April 11, 2012

. hummph .

. i just love this song! no, i love "smash" .

been long time since i really write something to you, blog. hummm i have no story to tell. it is not good. that means my life is dull! sigh, oh well not that severe lol. it is alright. i am just feeling tired i guess. trying my best at work and also thinking too much... yeah those negative thoughts of mine. i shall banish them all from my head but then, i couldn't. and... what else to talk about for a girl that used to dream about love so much. this week, i  gave up on love. isn't it every girl's dream to found someone that worth for each of them? i kinda giving up in finding one. if i said they will never come, no decent guys alive in this earth, it is unfair. coz, i believe there is and i know there is. but then again, i better not. 

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